Caves Circuit, Lamington National Park

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Posted 2014-01-08 by Cameron Bryerfollow
The one and a half hour drive from Brisbane to Lamington National Park is worth a visit for the great walks. One of the shorter walks is the Caves Circuit. It is 5km and is estimated to take about one hour and forty minutes. (The 5km includes the return walk on the road.)

We had a four year-old come along with us which increased the time to about two hours. Some of the parts of the walk are quite steep and there are also a series of rocky sections. Because of this the information brochure explains that this track is a Class 4, which means you need a moderate level of fitness and a good pair of walking shoes.

There are two entrances to the Caves Circuit, one is located near the information centre and another down the road from the Lamington Tea House. In this walk you also see the Kweebani Cave as it says on the entrance signs. When you start and finish the walk you have to walk up or down the road to get back to your car. This is a safety hazard because in some sections the road is one way, so when you walk up or down the road you need to be very careful.

Throughout the walk you see and hear many different animals. We were lucky enough to see a Blue-Tongued Lizard sun-baking on a rock. We even heard a birdcall that sounded like a human baby crying. We later found out that it was a Green Cat Bird. During the walk you will also see a valley. The view of Coomera Gorge is great. A good spot to see across Coomera Gorge is at Kweebani Cave, and it is a good spot to stop, catch your breath and have a drink of water.

After the walk you may be hungry and fancy a snack, so why not try the Lamington Tea House.

To see a map of the walks at Binna Burra, visit their website

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