Kayaking at Cavan Adventure Centre

Kayaking at Cavan Adventure Centre


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If you are exploring Eire, or Ireland, as most of the world know it, and are anywhere near county Cavan, then an open kayaking experience is a superb way to get back to nature and explore Ireland from a different perspective. Navigate your way through stunning lakes and you may even find the romantic ruins of a castle. What more could you want?

How about gently flowing through calm waters, surrounded by nature and all manner of birds, with an open Irish sky above you? You can do all this, and more if you go kayaking at Cavan Adventure Centre!

The interlocking lake system, formed into Drumlins by the last Ice age, is looked after by local landowner and farmer Sean, and has become a 'Geo Park', which is a protected area of flora and fauna. It is entirely undeveloped and unspoiled. We hired kayaks, lifejackets and wetsuits, and after a brief look at the lake maps, set off for a Kayak adventure.

Other than a few intrepid fishermen and some folks who had hired motorboats (also from the centre), the whole lake feels like your own, and we saw all manner of birds and animals during our two-hour Kayaking experience. Highlights were an inquisitive Heron and a herd of cattle. A bull even waded into the lake to say hello.

There is quite a breeze out on the water, and so if the wind is against you then you'll certainly find paddling hard going at first, but the trip back to the centre was glorious, and well worth the exertion of the outward stretch.

You will have complete independence when out on the water, which is wonderful but could be a little daunting for kayak beginners. A brief glance at the website told us that there are a whole array of guided activities and experiences on offer, which may make for a more relaxing outdoor experience. Nevertheless, being out and about by ourselves suited us all perfectly.

You can hire open or more enclosed kayaks, and solo or double boats. I opted for a double, with my 9-year-old son sitting in the front, enjoying the view (and very occasionally paddling)!

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