Castello di Strassoldo

Castello di Strassoldo


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Strassoldo, near Cervignano del Friuli, is one of the most famous hamlets in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, an outstanding gem for its beauty and for its castles, which are divided in Castello di Sopra and Castello di Sotto. Due to several events held in the Region, like Castelli Aperti FVG and " In Primavera, Fiori, Acque e Castelli " (Spring days: Flowers, Waters and Castles"), I planned a visit during springtime to see the splendour of this ancient architecture. In fact, the twins-castles are usually closed during the year, therefore, it would be a great choice to grab this free opportunity that arises rarely within the 365 days. The architecture of the former mansion is typical medieval, since its foundation around 1035 by noble Woldarico Strauss, while the Palazzo of Castello di Sotto architecturally belongs to XVIII century. Moreover, the remarkable mansion complex is surrounded by other buildings which used to house granaries and rice and farmers' tools. Guided tours with the owners themselves are available which explore the timeless ambiences of this tiny village. Or, you can book the venue for a wedding reception, art exhibition, business and private event, dinner and much more.

Regarding my visit, I would like to stress the attention on the most refined interiors of Castello di Sopra . There were stands in each room that had decorated every single corner masterfully and with a perfect stylish taste. Thus, the view was composed of triumphs of flower embellishments, high candelabras, compositions of pink roses, pastels candles books and scores displayed meticulously on the staircases with the ancestors' portraits watching the audience.

Not to mention the graceful installation at the front of one of the main entrances: a garland of coloured eggs to commerate Easter.

The art installations though continued in the vast park, which needs a guide to walk through and around it. There is a wide river surrounding the hamlet, that nurtures the lush greenery of the wide park. Among giant palms, stone columns, white and peach blossoms, I found three curious artistic pieces.

The first element was a beautiful pink dress in organza embroidered with roses, a long train and a beige hat finished with a soft bow.

Second of the list was and still is this site-specific of blue mosaics circles with a sprinkle of gold shades that is making a sort of path in the garden.

The last funny thing was this wood recreation of playful chickens running in a circle and a hammock covered with laced sheets in the background.

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