Caracas: A Cosmopolitan City

Caracas: A Cosmopolitan City


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The city of the all-year-round spring with its perfect 25ºC, that allows you to enjoy the sun and the fresh air, in one of the most cosmopolitan places in the world.

At the very north of South America, you can find Venezuela's capital, Caracas. A beautiful valley, with plenty of cultural activities, world class museums, trendy malls and gleaming modern skyscrapers, although you can still find historic jewels.

One of the most iconic and popular tourist stops is The Avila National Park, a mountain at 2,765 meters above sea level (9,071 ft) that rises north of the capital Caracas and separates the city from the Caribbean Sea. To reach the top you can take a cable car, which offer a wonderful landscape view of the whole city, or by hiking in a deep forest and some waterfalls. All the "Caraqueños" do this hiking as an outdoor exercising and it could take between 20 and 40 minutes to reach the first stop, depending on your physical condition.

As a perfect paradise, when world war had place in the 40's, Venezuela did welcome heaps of immigrants and you can see all their influences when you're looking for a restaurant. There's a lot of Europeans places to choose from, even Chinese, Japanese, etc. but you have to try the native food: Arepa, Cachapa, Tequeños, Pabellón, Golfeados and many others that makes Venezuela a culinary wonder.

The Venezuelan people are very friendly, maybe because the saying "people from Caribbean Sea are the happiest". Don't doubt any minute that if you go to Caracas, you are going to find many new friends. Most of them like to party, go to the beach, loud music, go to night clubs and party until next morning.

If you feel like in artistic mood, there's a lot of places where you can go and be amazed. Theatres, movies, museums, expositions, street presentations, and even at some night clubs you can find plays.

Caraqueños are also addicted to baseball and football. When in season, this city opens their stadium doors and it's like a party. You can buy some tickets and see the most passionate fans screaming, dancing, singing and crying, supporting their teams.

Always trendy, with the most beautiful women, friendly people, outrageous food and cool places to visit, Caracas is a progressive city that you have to experience. Just call your travel agency, buy some tickets and be sure your are going to visit with a travel guide assigned, is safer and it will make the most on your holidays.

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