Captain Fun Pants and the Mystery &8232of the FunOmatic Fun Wand

Captain Fun Pants and the Mystery &8232of the FunOmatic Fun Wand


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Sat 28 Mar 2015 - Sun 12 Apr 2015

Captain Fun Pants and the Mystery & #8232 ;of the FunOmatic Fun Wand

[MOB1102L] Sneaky seagull Sammy has swept into FuNtOwn, stolen the FunOmatic Fun Wand and is en route to WrongTown! Never fear, Captain Fun Pants and best mate Pirate No Beard are here to guide kids aged four to eight through a mischievous maze of laughter and fun to save the day, including a trek through the Forest of Farts and a flight to escape the dreaded Bed Time Island.[BREAK][MOB1123R] The audience is well and truly engaged in this comedic adventure, receiving a newspaper pirate hat upon embarkment to the Good Ship Crazy and warming up with a hearty group "arrrrgghhh" to set the tone. They are then introduced to a number of comical characters along the journey to collect and put together pieces of the map to WrongTown, and called to lend a hand during the ensuing trials and tribulations of Captain Fun Pants.[BREAK][MOB1124L] The hilarious Keeper of the Farts is the first encounter. In this scene, the creative inclusion of a 'fart interpreter' to translate what he is saying from 'Fart' to English is absolute comic genius. Princess Poppy Puke is next, who of course does her worst to try to make Captain Fun Pants vomit, followed by the over-stimulated Party Man, who's already been to five parties in one day and had way too much sugar.[BREAK][MOB1126R] The kids are thoroughly drawn in and my two side-kicks – boys aged seven and eight – shared giggles and little disgustingly delighted comments between themselves throughout the whole show, giving it a definite thumbs up at the end. Although pitched at four to eight year olds, I'm certain my three and ten year old girls would've loved the show just as much.[BREAK]The comedy, while concocted brilliantly for kids, also brings their grown-up counterparts along for the ride, with plenty of adult humour mindfully woven in. If one of dad's best jumpers gets made into 'fun pants,' which don't even have to be taken off to go to the toilet thanks to the neck hole, you'll know why – thank you Captain Fun Pants! I also loved the fact the set, props and costumes are all made up of things you can find or make at home, and the moral of the story fits in nicely with this theme; you don't need a magic wand to make your own fun, just your imagination, and good friends are always there when you need them.[BREAK]After riding a wave of rave reviews from Adelaide's Fringe Festival to Brisbane's Comedy Festival, Melbourne is Captain Fun Pants' current port of call and certain not to disappoint kids and adults alike. Docking at Melbourne Town Hall until 12 April, comedians Harley Breen (ABC TV's Comedy Up Late, Channel Ten's The Project) and Heath Franklin (long-running stand up character 'Chopper,' Channel Seven's Thank God You're Here) have the Easter holidays all stitched up for primary school parents – stitched up in laughter that is. Get your tickets through the Melbourne International Comedy Festival or fun pant&q=captain fun pants&search.x=0&search.y=0 Ticketmaster or call 1300 660 013.[BREAK][MOB1125L] Handy hint: If buying or collecting pre-purchased tickets from the Melbourne Town Hall Box Office, do yourself a favour and get there very early; the queue is deep and there aren't many people working at the ticket desks. Also, the train ride into the city was part of the adventure for my kids, and given the city traffic, I definitely recommend taking public transport.[BREAK]Photographs by Bianca N V.

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