Cape Byron

Cape Byron


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The lighthouse at Cape Byron

On April 16, 2024, I got a taxi to Lighthouse Road, Byron Bay , and walked a very small segment of the walk to the Cape Byron Lighthouse and by walking all the way back down got to experience a fair bit of Cape Byron, New South Wales . The light for the photos was decent, and the wind gusts were mild or nonexistent hence got some photos as shown below. Due to the steepness of the cape, it is a fairly exciting walk with jaw-dropping views. It's also very safe, with many walking the track, even at 6.45 AM, although in saying that, one of the big ideas of the walk is to see the sunrise at the cape because the sun rises in the east - at the mainland's most eastern point is the novelty. There might be a fair bit of wildlife in whale watching months, such as the usual swooping birds you see in Australia, but that aside it's a very safe walk all things considered. Although in terms of heart health, it's a bit constantly steep heading uphill, but the downhill has much-shaded forest, so an early start is a relatively sun-safe way to get outdoors.

You can see the place is set up for tourism and the walking tracks are constantly being maintained, sadly, at present you can't walk to the easternmost point however you can still get very close to it. The track between the lighthouse and Wategos Beach is closed and that is where the easternmost point is located. I also recommend a walk through Byron Bay at that time, it's a very nice town for a walk or cycle - especially at sunrise, where many are either jogging, surfing or enjoying a flat white. There are many finer aspects to this holiday idea, where the easternmost point is the main idea, but so many other spin-off ideas are appealing. Even the fact nearly every building looks distinct is such a wonderful feature of Byron Bay.

Sunrise near the most eastern point on mainland Australia

Buildings near lighthouse

Track from the lighthouse to Wategos Beach

To the south over Tallow Beach

To the north over Byron Bay Main Beach

Note images courtesy of the author, April 2024.

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