Capalaba's Parklands and Playground

Capalaba's Parklands and Playground


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Are you looking for a park to entertain the whole family including your pet dog? A day of fresh air, open play areas designed with fencing for parents to relax while their children play. Regional Park/@-27.522278,153.186277,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0xf02a35bd7221b90 Capalaba Regional Park is the perfect park for you in the Redlands. Entering off Pittwin Road North you drive past Warehouse/@-27.522919,153.188894,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0xee5ba8fd2c4aad2e Bunnings before turning right into the wooden gated driveway. The park has good toilet facilities located at the end of the car park before you enter the parklands. There are sheltered BBQ areas also found at the entrance of the playground so you can prepare your lunch while the children play safely in view below your shelter. Dogs are allowed on leads with an off leash area also provided.

This park is like entering a wonderland of fun. The pathways are wide and pram or wheelchair accessible whether you enter the playground itself or choose to walk around the 14 hectares of parklands. Standing at the top of the park looking down you will instantly be intrigued by the beauty of this place. The lands spread as far as the eye can see with greenery all around and birds flying over head. Walking around the park there is plenty of large trees creating scattered shade throughout your walk. There are several dams with friendly ducks only too willing to swim over and say hello to your kids, who may want to feed them some vegetable scraps or seed.

The pathways not only lead around the park itself but they head out past the Greyhound Racing Club/@-27.520309,153.1905851,668m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!3m1!1s0x6b915d8d3416cb79:0xacf9ef9588452fae Greyhound Racing Track extending your walk another 2k return back to the park. This path also leads you and your family along the banks of Tingalpa Creek where the children will enjoy not only riding or scootering along the pathways but may see more wildlife as well as greyhounds training along their race course. Quite often there are small birds and bush turkeys scurrying around the grassed banks of the creek. The children and yourself will enjoy the different comparisons of nature between the fresh water ponds and the salt water creek including the occasional fish jumping out the creek water although this may take a few hours of waiting depending on the time of day.

After a nice morning walk and picnic lunch it's time to relax while the kids play in the colourful playground full of rides, climbing equipment, swings or, if you love to join in, kick the ball on the lush green lawns provided within the fenced playground area. Although the playground is fenced for a more relaxed play unfortunately there are easy exits for children to go through if they choose to wander afar. The main playground provides a range of playing equipment for all ages right up to young teenagers including a sandpit, climbing ladders, platforms and everyone's favourite, slippery slides but my children's first choice every time is the awesome flying fox. The main climbing frame has two sections with the height of slippery slides being steeper on the red wooden platforms.

Swings are every child's favourite past time. Capalaba Regional Park has catered for all children having play equipment with disabled fittings. There are two swings, one with a harnessed seat and a wheelchair accessible liberty swing. The playground also has a sand play area and a musical forest full of coloured wooden logs standing straight for the children to run, walk or crawl through. Located next to the coloured forest is a climbing net designed for children to play on the bottom ropes or climb to heights that make mum or dad's heart rate rise as they watch them go so high.

This park is guaranteed to keep the whole family occupied for hours with so many options to choose, from walks, rides, park runs, feeding the wildlife to BBQ's, picnics and the largest playground where even on the busiest days there is enough equipment to keep many children happy playing together. Next time you are in the Redlands drop in to Capalaba Regional Park for a day of family fun at this parkland of perfection.

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