Caorle Beach

Caorle Beach


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There is a small beach village close to Venice called . It's nice to spend a week-end off, even in winter time. It really resembles Venice in miniature; you can go for a stroll in the centre, shop, have a coffee or a cup of gelato or simply make the long walk along the banks till you reach the lighthouse.

As we arrived the weather was windy and cloudy so we started off with an afternoon break: coffee and patisserie sweets. The café was very cosy and warm.

An hour later we went for a walk and I took pictures of the picturesque houses around this small town. I liked the vivid and cheerful colours that, even in an inclement day, could light my mood up. Purple, pink, yellow and light blue mixed up together, too quirky and funny.

The small centre is very well organized, with traces of the antique Venetian supremacy during the past centuries, as you can notice from the lions' sculptures around .

One of the main features is the ancient cloister surrounded by solitaire trees and the cylindrical Romanesque styled bell tower that gazed to the shore.

When you take the stairs you have three possibilities. The first is to stare at the sea as you were in a Friedrich painting, or secondly turn to your left side and go reach the lighthouse then, eventually, turn to your right and proceed along the beach. You will notice stone barriers forming the banks but if you look at them carefully, you will discover that some of those stone have been excavated and moulded to result into sculptures.

Unfortunately, without sun and light I could not take a decent photo, but if you pay a little bit of attention, on the foreground there is a stone with Jesus' face carved on it.

Before dinner time my friends and I stopped by a little restaurant for a snack. In this city-beach it is very popular to have the Italian version of "fish and chips" that is tastier and healthier than the others' around the world, as all my experience tells me. To order it you must say you would like to try the "frittura" or "fritto misto", that are the right words. Simple presentation of dish, very appealing and light on fried oil.

The inhabitants here are quite creative, even though most of the population is engaged within the fishing activity, as the main source of productivity (secondly it comes the tourism from Germany and East Europe countries). I was quite mesmerized to discover across the narrow street a replica-portrait of Louis XIV, King of France, painted in a house wall. That was attracting curious people to see it and others conversing on who was that person, that, despite its importance and history, found any place in their minds. Overall, the scene was highly suggestive.

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