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Cannington Bingo


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Mon 25 Mar 2024

Eyes Down!

Bingo isn't just for old people. It's for fun, and everyone can get into it. It's nice to be able to win things over the Easter holiday. And you can't say no to winning prizes! So head to the Cannington Bingo to be able to win, have a good time and have a bit of fun at Easter! It's the Mega Easter Bingo Night Special , where the high rollers can win big!

Thanks to some combined charities, there are lots of rounds and lots of things to win! There are raffles, and there will be lots of draws where you can win things. And that's just for starters. The next lot of fun comes from the actual bingo itself. With lots of books to be bought and way more prizes to be won, you will be sure to walk away with something great.

If you don't like raffles and bingo, then you're probably at the wrong event. But if you still head to this bingo night, then you might prefer a simple lucky numbers game. Choose your favourite numbers, and when the number is drawn, you will be a very lucky winner. Since this is an Easter event, there is a very special Easter Cash Raffle so you can win again. And there is also a Monster Raffle and a Lotto Raffle. This means that there are lots of different chances to win.

Each event costs different prices. There is no entry fee, you only pay for what you want to play. Books for the bingo are $6 each. The flyers are only $3. If you want to do the raffle, the lotto raffle is only $2 and the monster raffle is $5. For each lucky number you select in the lucky number round, it's $1 each or $5 for a bundle. And when you want to take part in the Easter Special Cash Raffle, then it's $5. Please note that this is a cash-only event, so bring lots of money!

To make the night cheaper and fun, you're allowed to bring your own food and drink. You can't bring alcohol, but anything else is allowed. If that isn't to your liking, then there is a small canteen offering soft drinks, chocolates and potato chips on offer. The canteen is also a cash-only canteen.

The fun starts at 7:15pm for the first round of raffles, and the last game will end by 10:15pm. All money raised goes to charity, so spend big! Head to Cannington Bingo on Monday, the 25th of March. You don't need to book in, just head there and have a lot of fun for Easter and raise money for a good cause too! Eyes Down!

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