Can You Find This Graffiti Lane in Melbourne CBD

Can You Find This Graffiti Lane in Melbourne CBD


Posted 2011-12-14 by Jody Kimberfollow

There are plenty of arty things to do and see in Melbourne. The Ian Potter Gallery , the Gallery of Victoria and ACMI too. You can travel to the other side of town for the Museum or stroll through the gardens or take a jog around the domain, wander in and around the State Theatre and take in the sculptures, lights and views.

Yet, it is fun to do what I would describe as a street art crawl. There are a number of well known street art or graffiti lanes. My objective here is to lead you to one, not all.

This is an adventure you may take during the day or night, but take a torch if after dark and don't let yourself get a fright. Its an adventure for a sunny day, a windy one or wintry too. The elements add to what you'll discover. Take the time to wander through.

Now don't be a bleeding heart about it. There are 3 pieces of street art or graffiti that I am asking that you take the effort to find.

If you start from Flinders Street Station and cross to Federation Square , you may start from there. Gadaffi's hiding place is the first you must find. Can you find his location? Can you read the sign above his head?- it might give you a clue.

Then, number 2, past the street on the left, up the hill and on the right, a doorways step might tell you of a heart that has been broken.

Turn around and down the lane, can you find this woman? Do you know her name? Is she tagged and who by?

If you have missed the turn, look around the Lightbox Gallery Lane again. If you look up and see the Elephants, then you've gone too far. Turn around and see where this lady reside, around the bend a bit and on the left just past the turn, if you are heading up the side lane.

If you have not been able to discover the place that I am attempting to guide you to, ask at ACMI , they will tell you which direction to choose. There are many more masterly pieces surrounding the ones I have chosen for you to view. Look up and down and all around to find elements of tagging, stencilling and adbusting too. Tell me if you like what you find and see, as there are some amazing artworks which you may know more about than me.

Wemakestuffgood , has graffiti art tours that can take you through the whole street art experience if you desire, with real knowledge of all the styles, artists, the great laneways and street art culture.

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