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I have found my newest favorite hangout, and it is in Germany! This trendy, yet casual, friendly, and very affordable eatery is called the Campus Suite. Manager, Stefanie was happy to take time out of her hectic day and have a chat about this very modern canteen.

The has been in business since 2004. The owner, who is also a chef, and his brother found the inspiration for this business while they were living in Kiel. They realised the local university students did not have any affordable healthy food options in their current cafeterias. It was always their dream to own a business anyway, so the brothers decided to create Campus Suite, and the community embraced their offerings of healthy foods, tasty coffees, and fresh juices to name a few items.

Today, has 27 locations in North-Germany. There are 7 in Kiel, 3 in Flensburg, 1 in Hannover, 3 in Lübeck, and 14 in Hamburg. The brothers' idea to provide a healthy, yet affordable alternative keeps in demand with students, office workers, and those looking for a cosy place to settle in and work on that paper or novel.

There are approximately 150 items on their regular menu; is ready to fill your need for snacks, pastries, hot meals, yoghurts and soy yoghurts, rice pudding, bircher muesli, noodle salads, fruit salads, and so much more! With so many options to choose from, Stefanie was quick to recommend Campus Suite's signature dish. It is called surfcup noodles, a pasta dish with spicy tomato cream sauce, served with your choose of chicken, prawns, or vegetarian, and it is delicious!

is well known for their signature drinks, too! You can always stop by for delicious coffees, iced coffees, lattés, frappes, ice chocolates, teas, or freshly juiced drinks. Stefanie explained that they always offer special summer and winter drinks. For instance, in winter your taste buds will thank you for trying their cinnamon and salted caramel lattes, or one of my personal favourites, hot chocolate with a multitude of different toppings! Another one of my favourites is their special cookies, and cream spiced chai latte with whipped cream and topped with Oreo cookies.

For non-coffee drinkers, has freshly juiced drinks just for you! They are famous for their topfit juice combo. Stefanie explained the topfit juice drink includes apple, carrot, and orange with ginger and olive oil for those looking for a healthy energy and immune booster. Stop by for their daily juice of the day, like Campus Suite's power mix, which includes orange, raspberry, grapefruit or green juice, like cucumber, apple, and ginger, for those looking for a great tasting juice with a twist.

Though the primary menu does not change at Campus Suite, they do offer a soup of the season to take advantage of the local farmers' produce of fruits and vegetables, for instance, they offer pumpkin soup in the autumn, or their famous chicken-Thai soup is always on offer in the summertime. Stefanie was happy to share that they also make all soups in-house with eight different types of homemade soups available. They do not add any artificial additives or flavour enhancers to any of their foods. Plus, they bake their own delicious pastries!

Stefanie also noted that about every six months, they add a new snack to their menu, such as a splet-roll with gouda, tomato mozzarella, or hummus quinoa. Otherwise, you will always find pasta, baked potatoes, soups, or salads on their lunch menu.

A regular customer, Johann explained, "I return here because it's good quality food and [they have a] fair price policy. As well, they serve food for vegetarians and vegans, and they have low carb items too." He went on to say, "If it is a popular food trend, you will find it here too."

If you are interested in learning more about Campus Suite, find them on the web at and

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