Geelong Camp Quality Convoy

Geelong Camp Quality Convoy


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Sun 14 Feb 2016

Camp Quality is an organisation which provides services to children aged 0 to 13 years of age, who are living with cancer. The service also supports the families of the ill children. Camp Quality aims to help create better lives for the children and their families by building optimism and resilience throughout each stage of their cancer journey. Medical treatment for the child is the first priority. Camp Quality helps to keep the family feel connected during the medical treatment.

On Sunday February 14th 2016, Camp Quality Geelong Convoy, or the Camp Quality Convoy Geelong will hold a truck and motorbike convoy from Avalon Airport to Geelong Showgrounds. Trucks and bikes pay to register their vehicle for the Convoy, with all funds raised supporting all Victorian children living with Cancer.

All the money raised through trucks and bikes registering for the Camp Quality Convoy will support Camp Quality to continue delivering essential services that provide a better quality of life for children living with cancer and their families.

Camp Quality Convoy Geelong is made up of trucks and bikes that travel in convoy from Avalon Airport to the Geelong Showgrounds on Sunday February 14th. Imagine the excitement of watching this convoy heading down the freeway, into Geelong, from Avalon.

The Camp Quality Geelong Convoy is back in Geelong for the second year. And they're rearing to get the wheels in motion for this year's Convoy.

Trucks and bikes from throughout the region are getting ready for the big event. If you're a driver, a rider, a spectator or a supporter - you can get involved in this great fund raising day. Trucks and bikes can register online now. You can register your own truck or bike, sponsor a friend, donate an auction prize or support the Family Fun Day. Get involved in this worthwhile cause and join in the fun.

If you know somebody who is driving or riding in the Convoy this year you can Sponsor their Truck or Bike to help raise much needed funds for children living with cancer and their families. This is another way you can get involved as Victoria comes together to create a better life for kids living with cancer.

The Agenda on the Day

After arriving at Avalon Airport follow directions from the marshalling team. They will instruct all the participants, especially the Lead Truck / Lead Bike participants, on where to park. Please obey all instructions from the marshalling team.

Trucks not involved with the lead will park adjacent to the Lead Trucks at Avalon Airport, in clearly designated areas. Oh I wish I was going to be there to watch this, it sounds very exciting. Once the convoy starts, each row of trucks will be signaled to move off by the marshalling team. Please obey all instructions from the marshalling team at the event.

Bikes will be marshalled into a separate holding area at Avalon Airport, on arrival, by the marshalling team. The bike pack will leave Avalon Airport shortly before the Truck Convoy. The bikes will follow behind the Lead Bike.

When bikes and trucks arrive at Avalon, they can follow the VMS signs and placards from the highway to the holding area, within the Avalon Airport complex.

Time Schedule - Arrival and Departure from Avalon Airport

6.00am - the gates open at Avalon Airport
8.00am - Bike briefing
8.00am - Truck Drivers briefing
8.20am - Bikes depart
8.30am - Trucks depart

Please pay close attention to Convoy officials and follow their directions to your allocated parking area.

From 6.00am onwards, Convoy participants can purchase a breakfast of egg and bacon at Avalon Airport. The delicious breakfasts will be prepared by Camp Quality volunteers, the EsCarpadians. All proceeds will go towards the fundraising efforts.

This year the Convoy entry point at Avalon Airport has changed with trucks and bikes entering Avalon Airport via the Pousties Road entrance. For more information about times and schedules, you can go to the Geelong Convoy website.

Arrival at Geelong Showgrounds

Once the Convoy leaves Avalon Airport, bikes and trucks will head towards the Geelong Showgrounds. Upon arrival at Geelong Showgrounds there are two designated parking areas. Trucks can park in the Main Arena Parking, or in Geelong Showgrounds Overflow Parking.

For truck drivers who have to leave early, they can park in the Geelong Showgrounds Overflow Parking area.

Once trucks and bikes are parked in the Main Arena Parking, movement will be restricted during the Family Fun Day - which runs from 11.00am to 2.30pm. Truck and bike movement is restricted until gates reopen at 2.30pm.

There will be placards clearly displayed at the entrance to both parking bays when you arrive at the Showgrounds.

Family Fun Day

Head down to Geelong Showgrounds on Sunday February 14th, for a Family Fun Day, after the Convoy has arrived at the Showgrounds.

Enjoy live entertainment, market stalls and great food. There is free entry and free parking. There will be a few little surprise guests. Food and rides will cost, with all money going towards the fundraising tally of the event. The line up of entertainment includes The Vaporizers, Blue Wax Duo and John Stevensen.

Parking at the Geelong Showgrounds is limited within the nearby streets. There is free parking available at the Geelong Racecourse.

Time Schedule at Geelong Showgrounds

The Camp Quality Geelong Convoy "Family Fun Day" starts at 10.00am. Bikes and trucks arrive from 10.15am onwards.

10.00am The Family Fun Day starts
10.00am to 10.45am - Bikes and trucks start to arrive
11.00am - the Official Welcome
11.00am to 12.00pm The Vaporizers entertain
12.00pm to 1.00pm Blue Wax Duo on stage
1.00pm to 2.00pm John Stevensen entertains
2.00pm - Raffle draw, thanks and closing of events
2.30pm - Trucks and Bikes can depart from the Showgrounds

Please remember to bring drinking water and keep sun safe, whether you're watching the Convoy go past or if you're heading to the Geelong Showgrounds for the Family Fun Day. Camp Quality merchandise is available on the day, including shirts, hats and hand held flags. All funds raised go directly to Camp Quality.

I hope you can watch the Convoy and attend the Family Fun Day and know that your money is helping a worthy cause - "Camp Quality".

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