Camp Mountain Lookout

Camp Mountain Lookout


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Mt Nebo has a number of little lookout and picnic areas, while most people head to Jolly's Lookout, locals know the place to chill is . This area includes covered and outdoor picnic tables, wood fired barbecues, views of Samford Valley and the city, as well as a couple of forest trail walks.

About Mt Nebo

Mt Nebo is a wonderful place on the doorstep of Brisbane. This area of natural beauty is a great destination to escape heat of the city. It is always a little bit cooler and calmer up on the mountains that down on the plain. There are a several barbecue areas, lookouts, designated walks as well as a number of well maintained forest trails to explore.

and Picnic Area

Far less visited than Jollys Lookout, has views of both Brisbane City and the Samford Valley. It lacks the expansive view of Jollys Lookout, but it is much less exposed to the wind.

The picnic area itself is has open grassy space with wood fired barbecues, food preparation tables and picnic tables. All this is sheltered by tall shady trees. There is also an older style covered picnic area. While not that nice, the shelter is welcome if it starts to rain.

The area is not that well visited. So there is always plenty of space, little traffic and a great deal of peace and quiet. While I like Jollys Lookout, I much prefer as a spot for a barbecue or picnic with a group of friends.

There is more to this area than just picnics and barbecues. There are a couple of multi-use fire trails leading off from the picnic area. One leads down the mountain where it meets a road. Some people park at the base and hike up, or you can hike down and back up again in a 5 km circuit. I prefer to hike down and up in a anticlockwise direction, because it means walking down the gentler grade but walking up the steep slope back. Others prefer the other way.

Probably the best walk is to follow the fire trail towards Bellbird Grove. In this walk you are not heading down the mountain, so it is much less steep and strenuous. But it is about 10 kms return.


Mt Nebo is a fantastic escape. But most visitors don't really explore it enough. I would highly recommend visiting for a picnic or barbecue, and exploring the forest trails for a bit of hiking.

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