Camelia Bakery

Camelia Bakery


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Camellia /k& #477 ;'mi& #720 ;·li·& #477 ;/ n [C] a bush with dark shiny leaves and large, esp. white, pink or red flowers which are similar to roses. [source: Cambridge Dictionary]

This is the incipit to introduce a marvellous bakery called . This landmark point is in Treviso city centre and despite the small size, it is an explosion of colors and positive vibes. As the main core of the supply is the excellent homemade cupcakes and cakes, the venue is surely recommended for a delicious breakfast and a sweet afternoon break. Like a blossoming flower, the bakery irradiates the brightness and happiness from the furniture to the final products. Moreover, it could be a source of inspiration and a fairy retreat during boring or down days. The owner tells she was focusing on colors and how to match them together with furniture and food. The result is obviously the place showing mostly pinkish and pastel hues and the iconic vintage wallpaper designed with a seventies' geometrical stylised foliage pattern on a brown and green palette.

The interior design is so well furnished with colored teacups, sober sofas and upholstered chairs, green seedlings hung on walls and flowers on tables, colors contrasts on warm and soft tones that make this place comparable to Alice in Wonderland's scenery. Otherwise, the more dreamy and romantic individuals would consider it a magical spot to relate to unicorns and fairy's world. Alternatively, the vintage wistful souls could gaze and find comfort into the old and popular kitchen-themed posters hung along the walls.

The iconic sweets of the bakery – as its name said itself– are cupcakes, cakes and chocolate made by genuine and bio ingredients. The array of cupcakes is wide and as my favorite pink ones were already sold out during a crowded late Sunday afternoon, I picked the Black Forest one, which was served with a perfect tower of fresh whipped cream with sprinkles of chocolates drops, cherry syrup and a candied cherry on top. I believe this is like the king of cupcakes in this list! My friend Sara instead preferred to keep herself warm and had a super delicious hot chocolate.

The delicious cupcake collections catalog is available online, as well as classy galleries of the events' service settings and all the other food and drinks provided by Camelia shop, such as cakes , hot chocolates, jams, biscuits, juices, smoothies, teas, meringues, coffee, milkshakes, smoothies and gifts .

What caught my attention though is the page of the cupcakes colors section which presents six special cakes paired each with a different hue. Hence, you can choose among the violet one made with blueberry cream; the pink one created out of a raspberry cream; the green one baked with lime flavor; a white one based on a meringue core; the red one created by the red velvet texture obtained by cherries and the brown one referring to the dark chocolate structure it composed of.

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