Cairns Northern Beaches

Cairns Northern Beaches


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Machans Beach in 2005

The palm-fringed Cairns Northern Beaches are easily some of the most desirable holiday locations in Australia. I have been to these beaches many times, most recently in 2022 on a holiday based on Cairns, its airport, aquarium, and Yorkeys Knob Beach . Although if holidaying in these locations, the concepts of being stinger safe and croc safe (crocwise) and open-minded about the local cultures of the area become useful. Beaches are listed below from southernmost to northernmost, or closest to and furthest from Cairns.

Machans Beach

Closest to Cairns and its international airport, this beach is the most alternative, the most resistant of communities to commercialism. I used its old picture (credited to the Wikipedia Machans Beach article, linked above) because I wanted to present such a range of beaches that you can look at places less developed if so inclined.

Holloways Beach

Credit: Wikipedia Article on Holloways Beach - Linked Above

Commercial compared to Machans Beach - its strength is it is close to Cairns and the airport hence cheaper transportation to Cairns - hence recommended for those often needing to visit Cairns but wanting Cairns Northern Beaches accommodation.

Yorkeys Knob

Credit: Wikipedia Article on Yorkeys Knob - Linked Above

Expansive areas of uninterrupted beach yet with a view of the peninsula-like land mass south of Cairns, pet friendly, and thus a holiday entirely in itself - especially when using its accommodation options, a flight to Cairns and a barrier reef tour. As it is so conveniently in the middle of the Northern Beaches, it is located where Cairns is near, Smithfield shops are near, other beaches are near...yet the place itself is an entire holiday experience.

Trinity Beach

Credit: Wikipedia Article on Trinity Beach - Linked Above

Like Yorkeys Knob, Trinity Beach has a similar advantage of being close to most things, yet a look and feel a little more like Palm Cove. It is relatively populus as well, and thus has many accommodation options.

Kewarra Beach

Credit: Wikipedia Article on Kewarra Beach - Linked Above

Almost adjacent to the north of Trinity Beach is Kewarra Beach, which is like visiting Trinity Beach, but the beach - due to a little point clearly dividing Trinity from Kewarra, creates a much different beachside view compared to Trinity Beach (even though they are adjacent to each other). Clifton Beach is then almost morphed into the north of Kewarra Beach.

Clifton Beach

Clifton Beach, Qld

This beach has views similar to Palm Cove but less commercialised - although in recent years there has been increased development. Interestingly, it retains a distinct feel and view due to several other geographical locations such as Double Island and the point south of Kewarra Beach, which are both visible. Note that the above photo facing north to Double Island is credited to the Wikipedia article on Clifton Beach - linked above.

Palm Cove

Credit: Wikipedia Article on Palm Cove Beach - Linked Above

Palm Cove is where the most expensive resorts are. It hits a happy medium of relative seclusion yet the iconic view of Double Island in the distance.

Ellis Beach

One resort, quite a bit further on from the rest, but such rewarding views, and is the only one of the lot with that isolable, tropical island feel to it. Certainly an extraordinarily picturesque part of the Northern Beaches - it is unspoilt yet also picturesque.

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Ellis Beach - Credit: Wikipedia Article on Ellis Beach - Linked Above

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