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Posted 2016-03-29 by Sinniefollow
Romania, and Transylvania in particular, are places well known for their popular culture history. Dracula is the fictional counterpart of a real person in fact! However, Romania has more to it than vampires and well told stories. Romanian food is some of the best you can find, if you can even find it. They are always delicious home cooked meals that would have anyone salivating. Unfortunately, for everyone living on this side of the ocean, that amazing food is hard to find (or replicate)…until now.

Café Transylvania opened just over a year ago in March and was the dream café of owners Ion and Ionela. Ion and Ionela were inspired to create a café that serves good quality and fresh home-cooked food. Originally from the city of Bra& #537 ;ov in Romania, they found a gap in the market and created the first café to serve traditional Romanian food. Some of the delicious food includes: mititei: traditional Romanian skinless sausages, akin with cevapi, that are full of spices and served with a roll and mustard, supa de perisoare: a meatball soup with vegetables that will warm you even during the coldest of times, sarmale: cooked cabbage wrapped meat rolls served with sour cream and of course, the amazing cakes.

Having hired a professional pâtissière, Ion and Ionela, now have to worry about having too few cakes for masses of visitors. Whether fruit cakes, cream cakes or chocolate cakes tickle your fancy, you will find something to soothe that sweet tooth. With some classic Romanian favourites like Diplomat (a creamy, spongey fruit cake), Savarin (a syrup dipped sponge with whipped cream and fruits) and Dobos (a multi-layered buttercream and torte cake topped with caramel) even the pickiest of dessert eaters will find something! The fabulous pâtissière has over 30 years experience and almost every mini version you see in store can be transformed into a birthday cake for that special occasion.

Café Transylvania has a homey, cosy atmosphere but if you're looking for something delicious to take home you can also order take-away. If you're planning a small or big event, made-to-order cakes and mititei for you to cook on the barbeque at home are also available. Before Christmas, they made 200 cozonac (a sweet baked dough rolled with poppy seeds or walnuts) and over 900 sarmale but still had customers begging for more!

New customer Sam from Blackburn says "With nice food and friendly hosts, what more could you want? With traditional Romanian food as well as classic Australian meals like chicken parmagiana, there is definitely something for everyone."

Their ratings and reviews are 5 stars all round on Facebook and Zomato and sing the praises of this classic, excellent example of home cooking at its best. It is clear what brings customers back for more: the atmosphere and friendly staff are just part of it. In fact, it is becoming so popular that they are almost always packed to the brim for Sunday lunch, so make sure you book a table!

While quite a lot of their customers are Romanian, there are many Australian customers too, with some travelling from Sydney and Perth just because of raving recommendations!

Just come in for some of the best coffee around and you'll be soon spreading the word as well.

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They are open Tuesday-Thursday from 9am-5.30pm and Friday-Sunday from 9am-6pm.

Call 9796 5227 to book a table.

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