Cafe Kogarah on Kogarah Railway Concourse

Cafe Kogarah on Kogarah Railway Concourse


Posted 2024-03-14 by Telani Kumarfollow
I'm a huge foodie and lover of the exciting cafe scene that Sydney boasts. However, with the nostalgic face of the '90s and earlier an increasingly dying breed among venues in our modern world, I honestly love nothing more than savouring the remaining pockets of the world I grew up in.

Brekky with Jing & George, the owners of Cafe Kogarah on the suburb's railway concourse, has become an unwavering part of my routine over the past year as it instantly transports me to a sentimental oasis amidst the sleek modern world. Perhaps this is why they have attracted many long-term regulars over the 15 years of running the place...

Or perhaps it's the fact that, unconditionally, Jing & George warmly welcome all into their retro space adorned with homely paintings of the countryside, and become your friend in the community. The paintings were in fact gifted to them by one happy regular a few years back. Thus, the cafe humbly embodies its community spirit.

Despite its 30-year history, Cafe Kogarah has managed to retain its quaint '90s milk bar charm, remaining a hidden gem for locals until its digital debut unfolding here before your eyes.

Whether you're stopping by to grab a cup of your favourite Twining's Tea or Incanto Caffe coffee and handmade croissant or snail to go, or sitting in for one of a tasty selection of burgers and sandwiches, Jing & George's friendly smiles and peaceful piano playlists offer a temporary reprieve from the fast-paced world.

Mind you, in the week that Taylor Swift graced Sydney shores, Jing & George substituted these playlists for her music, delighting the Kogarah community and lighting up many faces. Actively being a positive presence in the Kogarah community brings the couple great joy - and this energy is infectious!

I recently undertook a low-carb diet. I mentioned this to Jing & George one Friday and they not only plated up their humble bacon and egg roll without the bread but have since been substituting this with my choice of fresh avocado or tomato on the side so that I didn't have to miss out on this fave.

To add, by the following Monday, low-carb bread was on the shelves ready to go, meaning their juicy pineapple melt alongside a comforting cup of chai latte could still be a thing in my life. A kind gesture they went out of the way for.

The warm and welcoming ambience created by the owners, Jing & George, has made Cafe Kogarah a beloved sanctuary for many, including myself. Their dedication to preserving a retro feel, coupled with their genuine hospitality, has fostered a strong sense of community within the cafe's walls.

From accommodating special requests to going the extra mile to cater to dietary needs, their acts of kindness go beyond the ordinary, creating a homely atmosphere that keeps customers coming back for more. Their ongoing commitment to the community truly makes Cafe Kogarah a home away from home.

Find Cafe Kogarah on the Kogarah Railway Concourse - the level above the street, in the small arcade next to the ticket gates (entry to station platforms). They currently are a true locals' secret with no website or direct phone contact, however, they welcome any enquiries to their email at [email protected]

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