Cafe Berkhout @ AE Amsterdam

Cafe Berkhout @ AE Amsterdam


Posted 2014-09-25 by Praneel Lal-Beadnellfollow
This cafe is by far one of my favourite cafes in Amsterdam. Not only does it have good service, but the food is second to none.

Located right opposite the Heineken brewery, which some could say may pose as a threat to this establishment, does nothing of the sort, but in turn allows the venue to capitalise on the masses that visit the brewery and who then stop by at their affordable and downright delicious cafe for a meal and a drink.

When people think of Amsterdam it is not usually food that first comes to mind. It may be a recreational endeavour that entices its younger visitors, or the cycling, relaxed lifestyle of the uber chic city, but for some it is the food. I fit into this category.

A friend and I entered this establishment and originally decided to just replenish our thirst with a cold Heineken. It wasn't until we came eye to eye with a few dishes that floated past, that we decided we wanted to stay and enjoy lunch at Cafe Berkhout.

We scanned the menu and decided to go for some traditional frites with mayonnaise and sauce and croquettes, along with an open top marinated chicken and salad sandwich.

The food came out promptly and was very flavoursome. The frites were crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, some of the best frites we had in Amsterdam.

When we made our way to the croquettes, also known as krokets, they were deliciously Dutch, filled with a meat ragout. These were presented on a bed of crusty bread with a side of wholegrain mustard. Do keep an eye out for these as they do come out piping hot, so ensure that you let these cool for a few minutes.

This place is a must go to venue in Amsterdam. The food is fantastic, the service is friendly and prompt and the view of passers by on bikes is priceless.

Once we finished out feast we took a comfortable seat on the leather sofa, perched perfectly in full view of the main street and continued our hour of people watching.

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