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If you're a chocolate lover then you can't go past a trip to Dunedin's . This is the home of Cadbury in New Zealand, and not only do you get the opportunity to buy delicious cadbury goodies, but you also get invited behind the scenes on a very delicious tour .

While both Cadbury and Willy Wonka both share a love for purple, you don't need to worry about any Oompa Loompa's turning you into blueberry bubbles, or sucking you into chocolate fountains. The tour is fun for the whole family, although it isn't recommended for children under 5. You'll get to learn all about the chocolate making process, try some tasty treats, as well as other surprises.

You'll start your trip on a self-guided trip through the Visitor Centre. Here you'll learn all about the history of both Cadbury and Chocolate. Find out the first civilisation that decided chocolate was worth raving about, and see how chocolate helped invent the microwave. These small cocoa beans are far more impressive than you might have thought.

Once you've finished you'll get taken on the behind the scenes tour of the factory, including a short video presentation that takes you though some of the important history. You'll see the white and purple pipes that snake through the factory, and find out what goodies are travelling inside, and you'll get to see master chocolates at work.

One highlight of the tour is the impressive chocolate drop. A giant purple silo houses this sight, and you'll stare on in awe as one tonne of chocolate flows down in a waterfall. You also might get the chance to show off your chocolate eating skills with a Perky Nana eating competition, your jaw may ache by the end of it but you'll have another Perky Nana to enjoy as your prize.

This is a great opportunity to see behind the scenes of one of the world's most loved chocolate companies. At the end of the trip you'll get a chance to stock up on all of your favourite Cadbury goodies, including some souvenirs. There are also special events throughout the year at , including the tasty and magical Santa's Grotto , and the chocolate filled Easter Burrow.

The Cadbury Factory is open all year round, but the various tours can change throughout the year. There are different tour options depending on what you want to see, and all of the information can be found on the website . Tickets range from around $5 to $20. You can book for a tour either online or over the phone.

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