Cabernet - Review

Cabernet - Review


Posted 2019-03-02 by Temafollow

Thu 28 Feb 2019 - Sun 03 Mar 2019

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Date attended: 28/02/2019

South Australian cabaret production Cabernet is certainly not your average cabaret show. Bringing together a number of attractive entertaining elements into the mix, the audience was treated to a sultry combination of powerful vocals, well-choreographed dances, unreal acrobatics and aerials, and a cheeky touch of improvisation that added to what ended up being a magical night at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

Set up to accommodate audiences in tables of 10, the atmosphere at the show was aimed at being relaxed, where people could sit and enjoy the show, whilst being able to sip on their drinks in an environment that replicated the vibes and feel of a speakeasy. Some audiences even dressed for the occasion and it was pretty obvious (as the show progressed) that they were having a ball of a time!

The show has been set to present with a stage set up at a bar, where audiences witness the highlights and challenges of being out and about with friends - hilariously yet classily captured through the art of cabaret, song, and acrobatics. It's amazing how well the cast was able to make us in the audience get a taste of the nightlife at a show, whilst (thankfully) eliminating the noisy backdrop of loud music, annoying drunks, and the sleaziness that tends to otherwise ruin a good night out.

There was a sense of a whimsical universe that was being created on stage, where we were treated to the killer pipes by Amelie Peters and Vanessa Stone, who brought the house down with her impressive voice and was able to leave the audiences speechless. We had Joshua Kapitza, who filled the moments between acts with his friendly and amusing banter as a responsible but fun barkeep, who was just out to make sure that we were all having a great time in the company of the cast. We saw the elegant Martine Micklem bring the room to a dead silence, as she performed some impressive aerial stunts and acrobatics that has made it imperative for a bar to have an aerial artist, moving forward! We also saw some fantastic and well-choreographed dancing by Sarah Todd, Sara Bartholomew, Emily Raymond, Georgia van der Sman, and Kate Ryan, who presented contemporary moves to a number of different genres of music, making them versatile beyond belief.

Cabernet is the kind of a cabaret show that deserves to be enjoyed in just the way that it's been set up at this year's Adelaide Fringe - with a drink in one hand, good company by your side, and a ton of fantastic acts taking the stage that encompasses the true essence of the art of cabaret. While there is no apparent forms of burlesque, the mood of the show strongly channels the ambience of a burlesque show, which is craftily intertwined into this unique cabaret experience and by the end of the performance, you are left wanting more.

Pro tip: Gather a group of friends to get the most out of the Cabernet experience!

Cabernet will be performing at the Adelaide Convention Centre for two more nights - March 2 and 3 - as part of Adelaide Fringe. Book your tix here .

*Tema was invited as a guest.

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