Byron Bay & Nimbin Road Trip

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Posted 2012-11-27 by Chloe Doylefollow

There is no better feeling than a car packed with your closest friends, a killer music playlist and the open road to the destination of your choice. A good road trip can be explained through that immaculate quote, "The journey is the destination".

A road trip is rarely ever about where you are going, it's for those moments of pure bliss with the oceanic wave of your hand out the window and the naive smile brought on by the simple things.

For a road trip, I thought there is no better a place than Byron Bay and a sneaky trip to Nimbin, in Northern NSW. Like all travels, none are entirely smooth.

My boyfriend and I drove in an apocalyptic storm, which was wet and foggy at the best of times, at around 9pm on a Friday night. After a 45 minute drive, we had arrived at Byron Bay.

Now we had nowhere to stay except for in my 93' Toyota Corolla. Luckily, the back seats folded back to create a bed suitable for a twelve year old boy, except it was to manage a 17 and 19 year old boy and girl.

There is something so serene about Byron Bay. Anyone who has been there can tell you, there's something in the air. Whether it's the beautiful beaches, friendly-dreadlocked patrons or the main street filled with something for everyone.

The few things I can persuade you to see are the amazing views from the Byron lighthouse, definitely a bit of cheeky shopping and there are plenty of little seaside cafes and local stores to fill any taste bud.

Our trip to Byron was short-lived but nonetheless amazing and then on to Nimbin, the hippie capital of Australia.

You cannot believe just how much it feels like stepping into another world in Nimbin. When going to Nimbin, it is best to follow the highway in order to get there quickly and not be led astray all the way to Lismore like Ben and I.

It is also very important to keep an open mind when in Nimbin. This community is something else. There are little to no officials in the area, every person does their part like a homeostatic bond. It is something to be admired how the little town functions. Be sure to go shopping and be safe!

If by chance, you live in Queensland and have been contemplating a Byron trip, be sure to on your way back home visit the Arthur Freeman lookout.

When crossing the border from NSW to QLD, Currumbin is your first point of entry. Freeman lookout was beautiful and really ended the trip well. The pretty purple flowers, fresh air and scenery to die for made this road trip one to be remembered and for the books.

My suggestion would be to go on as many road trips as possible, in true wanderlust spirit. Just keep your wits about you, the road and your companions.

They may not like Nickelback just as much as you do.

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