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Posted 2020-05-21 by Jenfollow

With the universe in the grips of a pandemic that's impacting Aussies in many ways, including financially, with work vanishing before our very eyes, some Aussies have come up with creative ideas and ways to help fellow struggling Australians. Marketing Expert and Founder of Mitch Catlin is one of those who is offering a free platform that promotes the best in Aussie brands and Aussie made products.

You'll find on Instagram where their followers continue to grow, so if you're a business that wants to be listed with them and be known, get in touch . There are 2 required criteria; 1) The brand has to be Australian made and Australian owned, and 2) it has to be National. The state by state concept is in the wind, but that'll take time. Mitch is a firm believer that Australian brands need to be supported all the time; that it be a long term thing and not just when there's a crisis. Buying Australian and spending money within Australia can only make the recovery quicker.

Show your support by heading over to the Instagram platform which is filled with various Australian made and owned businesses that are highlighted to choose from, so choose Aussie. Check out the website , also a platform from which you can fill out a form if you're a business wanting to be promoted.

is also a major sponsor for Homegrown Superstars , another platform helping Aussies in the Arts, with prizes to win from weekly singing contests judged by celebrity judges like Rob Mills, Casey Donovan, Vanessa Amorosi and Kate Ceberano. Follow 's Facebook page for regular updates, promotions, prizes and discounts. With so much support being shown by highlighting all that is Australian, it makes sense to back our Aussies and get on board and buy Aussie made and Aussie owned too. Paying a little more should not be the deciding factor when it's transparent items have been sourced and made ethically, locally and under strict industry guidelines, putting safety first especially when it comes to where our food is sourced.

Other Aussies also working at making an impact to help fellow Aussies through this pandemic are Leah Howard who has launched the ArtsTasker Group on Facebook as a way to lend a helping hand for the Arts and Entertainment community who have had the ground pulled out from under them financially. They're now employing their other skills for small odd jobs and paid work. It's a group you join to post your skills eg. baking business, tutoring, painting, sewing, handyman etc.

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival has also set up donation pages on their website to help the Arts Industry we have all at one time or another enjoyed immensely. Life without Art is ... hence you can make tax-deductible DONATIONS to assist those artists and performers affected by the shutting of the 2020 Festival amongst all other events that have been cancelled.

Founder of Events & Entertainment Industry Jamie McEwan has set up a support network for performers to band together and help each other out. He has sourced links for freelancers, free training programs, links for mental health, how to find food banks, places that help with day to day living and so on. Find out more on the website .

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