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Posted 2015-09-09 by Sue Wfollow
If you are interested in local Aboriginal Art, is a quiet gallery on the shores of Lake Burley Griffin to enjoy local works. Showcasing authentic paintings, carvings, glassworks and crafts from local artists, this gallery is a colourful and interesting space to walk around and learn about the artists' backgrounds.

As you walk in you are warmly welcomed and given time to explore on your own, to the background of Aboriginal music.

Due to the nature of the works and the need to contact each artist for approval, I could not take any photo's within the Gallery, which I respected. I also hadn't seen many photos before I visited and preferred it this way. It is the "wow" factor of this colourful Gallery that makes a pleasant surprise as you walk in.

Although I know little about Aboriginal Art, it was easy to spend a lot of time here admiring the range of artworks, particularly the care and precision of the colourful dot paintings.

The area is larger than you imagine from the outside and then you walk down into a smaller room which showcases artistic gifts and works, with views out to Lake Burley Griffin

is a not-for-profit organisation run by the Burrunju Aboriginal Corporation here in Canberra. Their mission is to "provide Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with the opportunity to realize their dreams of self-determination by providing an avenue for selling their art".

The Gallery holds regular exhibitions of local artists. See their Facebook for updates.

Located adjacent to the gallery is also where you can access Track 1 of the Canberra Tracks walk titled Ngunnawal Country. This track takes you on a journey back 20,000 years where in traditional times this area was originally the banks of the Molonglo River before it was dammed and turned into Lake Burley Griffin. It was on the banks of the original river where a meeting place was held and the Ngunnawal hosted groups from the surrounding area to discuss the land, lore and culture.

is tucked away off the road and you could easily drive past it on your way to Black Mountain Peninsula, on Lady Denman Drive. Open between Monday and Saturday this unique gallery is an enjoyable venue to admire the variety of artworks by local indigenous artists and support their work.

If you love Aboriginal culture, it is a must-see whilst on your visit to Canberra and if you live here, stop and have a look. You will be surprised by the large space and appreciate the talent and history in this local area..

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