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Posted 2016-02-08 by Traci Tuckerfollow

When travelling to another country for the first time things can be very overwhelming, including the everyday tasks that we all undertake, for example deciding what to eat. This was a challenge I faced recently when I visited New Zealand for the first time.

By the time I was able to get through customs and the Airport and then start to proceed to my destination in Christchurch, I was exhausted and left feeling very hungry.

Nearby was a fast food burger outlet called BurgerFuel . I am from Victoria, Australia where there is no such place. I have since learnt that BurgerFuel exists in other Australian states, but has as yet not made it to the southern areas of the country. I decided that due to my enjoyment in eating burgers in the past, I thought I would give it a try.

Walking through the doors, I was instantly amazed by the very welcoming yet professional atmosphere. This fast food restaurant did not look like your standard run-of-the-mill burger joint that you get back home. In fact it bordered on a night club, with the lighting and d├ęcor, minus the alcohol and live bands of course. It is fair to say I was very impressed.

Looking around I noticed large menus displayed on the wall near the entrance. The food advertised on these boards looked delicious. They even had chicken burgers which are my favourite.

The next thing I noticed was the prices. Although not ridiculous, they were unfortunately higher than I had ever paid for similar items back home. Before leaving for New Zealand I was warned about the prices of food, particularly fast food. But I honestly did not expect them to be this high.

After travelling for so long, I was just too hungry to look for something elsewhere, so the order was placed. The young lady serving was extremely pleasant and helpful. She was just so friendly and kind. If I knew her name I would happily suggest she win the award for best customer service (if there is such a thing).

While waiting for the food to be cooked, I noticed a constant flow of customers coming into the shop. That is when I knew this place must have delicious food. If that was the case, then the price was worth it.

When the order arrived I was again as shocked but in a good way. This time it was due to the size of the burgers. They were huge. On top of the amazing size, was the amazing taste. From the very first bite I felt like my taste buds had jumped on another flight and had taken a trip to heaven. This was the most scrumptious, mouth-watering meal I had ever had in my life. I savoured each mouthful and licked my fingers clean afterwards.

From this point on I knew I could never again eat a burger from anywhere else except BurgerFuel , as nothing would ever taste as good.

I just wish there was a BurgerFuel near my house.
All images appear courtesy of BurgerFuel website: www1.burgerfuel.com/nz

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