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Burger Republic


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King William Rd and its vendors are synonymous with boutique and gourmet, so it only makes sense that 'gourmet burger' fever would make its way to Hyde Parks High Street. has shaken up the restaurants along King Willam Rd with their re-vamped version of the humble hamburger.

Walking into the restaurant the vibe is 'cool & trendy' - the decor is modern, 'recreated industrial' with a wood and metal theme.

Every time we visit, the restaurant is bustling with people - we usually get our burgers takeaway and eat in the park.

have done a stellar job, meeting the standards of the boutique burger community. There has been thought put into every element. Thick beef patties are made with quality mince and cooked medium, so they are still just pink in the middle. The house sauces are really something special and the buns are no ordinary burger buns, but Brioche Buns. Brioche is a decadent French bread - it was traditionally only eaten by the 'rich aristocrats' as the 'peasants' could never afford to eat it.

The menu starts at your classic cheese burger and then gets more interesting from there.

I have tried the 'Classic Cheese Burger' its just a really good burger, with a strong serving of quality pickles.

The following photos are of our takeaways, please note the takeaways do not photograph as well as the burgers eaten in house, but they all taste good none the less.

Another good, simple burger is 'The Republic' - Beef, Lettuce, Tomato and Spanish Onion

The 'Tradie' is what I think would have traditionally been refered to as a burger with the lot - Beef, Cheese, Bacon, Egg, Grilled Onion, BBQ Sauce & Ketchup

One of two chicken burgers, the 'Chookman' - Chicken, Lettuce, Tomato, Spanish Onion, Lemon & Herb Aioli

The 'Gaucho', this beast of a burger was still stacked, even after being wrapped up and hauled to the park. Beef, Cos Lettuce, Tomato, Cheese, Bacon, Onion Rings, BBQ Sauce & Ranch Dressing.

The 'Farmyard' reminds me of a 'big breakfast' all put together in a burger- Beef, Cheese, Bacon, Egg, Hash Brown & Ketchup

There are many more interesting burger fillings on the menu, along with salads, burger bowls & sides. Vegetarians, don't dismay, there are two mushroom burger options available.

also offer a range of craft beer and wine to wash down your burger.

Local brews include Prancing Pony Brewery, Vale Brewery & Pirate Life, just to name a few.

A cool side note they also sell 'Jarritos' sodas that have been imported from Mexico.

The age old saying of 'good things come to those who wait' more often than not applies here. If the restaurant is busy, you can expect some delays. The staff are usually pretty spot on with the wait time and the takeaway menu states "Our burgers are made with love, not speed. We try and get our burgers out as quickly as possible, if the restaurant is busy, please expect delays". We've never had a really long wait and its only when the restaurant is filled to the brim - the burgers have always been worth it though.

The prices really reflect the quality of the burger and the atmosphere. How ever if you have a gold card (from the Entertainment Book), then upon showing your card you will get a discount (I'm unsure of the exact terms & conditions but we use it when we buy our burgers and we receive a good discount)

The service is always great, the staff are friendly and polite. The whole atmosphere is really nice. I hope you all enjoy this spot as much as we have.

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