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Posted 2020-03-21 by Dianafollow

Rain battered the streets that afternoon, yet there was bustle inside Burger 10 . The rising and falling jabber spoke volumes about the restaurant. There was something about the burger place that drew the crowds even in the downpour. The answer lay not in the height of the burger but in the heritage. Chef Hussein Jaber, soft-spoken and mild-natured, draws inspiration for his craft from his prior experiences and stays around the globe. His exuberant partner, Sheryl, babysits the business while he experiments away in the kitchen bringing Sydneysiders some of the most innovative burgers with tastes spanning continents.

Similar to its Glebe counterpart, the Randwick offshoot boasts of flavours from 10 countries plus a bonus of some additional side items of nachos and quesadilla. German-styled Königsberger and Fried Chicken burger from South Korea are the latest members in the menu replacing the Thai and Mexican burgers. Apart from the 10 specialty burgers, the joint also features a "Burger of the month." The current hero is Dynamite Burger stacked with a beef patty, caramelized onion, cheddar cheese, tomato, pickled cucumber, cabbage slaw, and dynamite sauce, capped by milk bun. From what we learnt from Sheryl, next month is going to see a French connection.

In a bid to taste one of their new burgers, we ended up with one of the best flavour combinations a burger can have. The chicken patty in the lofty Fried Chicken Burger is spiced up with gochujang (a rich, savoury and sweet South Korean fermented condiment). Moistened by BBQ sauce, the burger is stacked up with fresh lettuce, tomato, cheese and dense kimchi slaw. On any day, I can place my bets on this one when taste is at stake.

On the sampling spree, our other order was a Burger 10 veteran: the Italian Smoked Chicken Burger. Unlike the classic bun, this one comes topped with a focaccia. The smokey intensity of the chicken thigh fillets was beautifully softened by the herby bread, fennel aioli, juliennes of beet, tomato slices and lettuce. No doubt this has been a steady heartthrob. Similar to this, Königsberger, Pulled Pork and Falafel burgers too, come with a different bread each namely pretzel bun, charcoal bun and wholemeal bun.

Our choice of fries was Cajun Potatoes fries. A creamy bacon and cheese sauce highlighted the spicy notes of the fries. For drinks, we went with a Mango shake. Breezy and ice-creamy, the drink served perfectly to lighten the tang of its solid counterparts.

Their Chicken Wings, Chicken and Cheese Empanadas and Chicken Quesadillas (you can either choose a protein of your liking or go with the vegetable filling) are great nibbles, though the quesadillas can pass for a main course given the serving size. The crispy tortilla with the creamy chicken filling and a gorgeous tomato salsa made the dish one of the finest Mexican Quesadilla I have had in Sydney. The salsa, in fact, made it one of the highlights of our lunch. It also had a generous dollop of guacamole and sour cream with a side salad.

The Chicken wings were as charming as ever dolled up in BBQ sauce. The Empanadas were crispy with a dense chicken and cheese core. Light and non-spicy, these fried turnovers would be great nibbles for kids.

Whether Randwick or Glebe, Burger 10's menu has a lone dessert option on the menu. It simply says - Chocolate Mudcake with Caramel Sauce (2 slices). Now that amount is, in fact, speaking with tongue in cheek, because the two slices are burly enough to cater to the sweet tooth of a group of four unless you are a diehard chocolate fan.

As we sat under the tender glow of the teardrop lights, surrounded by gorgeous wall arts and a merry crowd, I couldn't help but muse on which country's flavour might next be on the chef's mind. It was a delight to sit in the centre of the eastern suburbs of Sydney and take my tastebuds on a round-the-globe tour. So whatever the next feature burger be on Burger 10's ever-evolving yet, reasonably priced menu, it is sure to take burger buffs on one helluva ride.

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