Buffalo Wild Wings, Hollywood Boulevard

Buffalo Wild Wings, Hollywood Boulevard


Posted 2012-10-29 by Tanyafollow

My husband and I recently visited the US for a holiday and had an excellent time in a number of their wonderful cities. I'm currently in the process of writing about all of the places we went to and I have to make special mention of Buffalo Wings on Hollywood Boulevard.

Now I don't care what anyone says but the main part of LA is very boring in comparison to places like New York, San Francisco etc. Hubby and I only stopped over for one night as this was the last part of our trip and as we had limited time to do the usual tourist things, we wandered aimlessly in and out of the stores on Hollywood Boulevard. After dragging him in and out of shoe shops, he started getting a bit hungry and I noticed a bright yellow sign boasting "Buffalo Wild Wings" on the opposite corner from where we were.

Now the opportunity to try these so called famous 'Buffalo Wings' hadn't presented itself as in New York we were focused on the Pizza, San Francisco we were focused on the Clam Chowder... you get my drift. So to make up for my crazy, relentless shopping I decided we should take a break and try this famous food (obviously trying buffalo wings is equal to hours of shopping).

We were greeted by a friendly waitress who took us to a table in the middle of the large restaurant and took our drink order. Unfortunately we had to move shortly after sitting down as the air-conditioning unit started dripping all over the table and my precious purchases. We moved to a cosy booth where it was dry and hubby could watch 6 channels of sport on 6 different screens so it was perfect.

Our friendly waiter came up with the drinks we had ordered and gave us a very detailed explanation of the menu, the levels of spiciness, what was most popular etc. I ordered a chicken salad and hubby ordered a few of the traditional wings each at different levels of hotness and/or flavours.

When the food arrived, the salad was fresh and enormous and the wings were just delicious bites of mouth-watering tastiness. The wings were extremely spicy but you could still enjoy it, plus it was served with the ranch dressing and bleu cheese dressing which was absolutely amazing and complimented the chicken very well. The waiter confused our order with another table's he was so apologetic that we ended up getting the chicken for free as well which shows great customer service.

Buffalo Wild Wings seemed like a normal family restaurant but for us it was a really great experience in not only the food but the service as well. It exceeded our expectations of what we thought 'Buffalo Wings' would be like and we were really happy afterwards. Plus it fuelled us enough to keep shopping for the next couple of hours...

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