Buffalo Dining Club

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Posted 2014-03-21 by GiGi GMV follow
If you love your cheese, you will absolutely adore Buffalo Dining Club - a small Italian wine bar specialising predominately, in you guess it, cheese!

This dining club is very popular and like many of the good restaurants around Sydney, they don't take bookings. Get in early or be prepare to wait.

Luckily I am a very patient person, especially in anticipation of good food. I say the wait-time makes the heart grow fonder.

It is a relatively small restaurant located in a narrow terrace.
Let me assure you, this is a delightful find!

The menu looked simple and small. Just select your cheese, some tapas sides, a nice bottle of wine and you are in for a wondrous meal.

We started our meal with a good Italian antipasto dish. It was a blackboard special: Pick your favourite fresh cheese plus 2 sides for $19.00.

It was our first time here, so naturally we ordered the famed buffalo mozzarello cheese with a side of ripe juicy cherry tomatoes and potato croquettes. Fresh breads drizzled in olive oil were served with this plate.

The mozzarella was fresh and goes really well with the ripe, juicy cherry tomatoes. Theses potato croquettes were airy fluffy and contain broccolini.

It was an absolute gourmet feast. We were already impressed with this starter.

We also ordered some thinly sliced prosciutto and what a delightful they were. They were simple, beautifully cured and flavorsome.

All you need is some aged wine and your life would be perfect!

Still not cheesy enough for you?

Perhaps you can consider the buffalo ricotta gnocchi with generous parmesan. It was another stand out choice!

The cheesy potato gnocchi was so good but filling. We were so satisfied with it, so we didn't order the pasta served out of the pecorino cheese wheel. Mind you, watching the pasta tossed inside a giant cheese wheel was certainly entertaining! Imagine the taste sensation of the pasta!

But we were way too full; I'll save that special dish for next time.

The staff here were friendly, really informative and together they created a lovely dining atmosphere.

It was great to graze at your own leisure without being rushed.

This is how food should be; high quality ingredients packed with flavour, served in an unpretentious environment with a reasonable price. Our meal was absolutely a delish.

Well worthy of a repeat visit!

Note for next visit: Got to try the pasta served in a giant wheel of cheese.....

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