Bubblegum Bali Children's Book Club, Sanur

Bubblegum Bali Children's Book Club, Sanur


Posted 2019-06-21 by Gerri Sfollow
I'm always delighted when I get a notification that the next Bubblegum Bali Children's Book Club event is happening. It's completely free of charge. You don't need to bring any books – but you can swap, share or donate some if you wish. And it normally takes place between 4 pm to 6pm once a month. The venue changes from time to time but it's usual base is at the Artotel Beach Club towards the north of Sanur.

It used to be called the book swap but there are now so many books it's simply 'a book club'. So whether you are new to the area and looking at meeting other families. Or on holiday and just want to read some books for the afternoon, it's a super event to join. Some of the books are in languages other than English and they range from being suitable for babies to older children with everything in between.

Apart from it being a great social hang out for the parents; children enjoy the amazing large green space with an adventure tree house and play area. There aren't many green areas or parks in Sanur so even with no event The ABC is worth a visit. But when the book club is on there's always plenty of children running around and enjoying life. The other good point about the ABC venue is that this beach club starts on the beach, the middle section has a medium size pool area and then the back bit has the grassy play part. I'll be writing about the ABC more in my next feature. Due to this layout, it means you'll find some families spend the whole day there and enjoy all the facilities, then join the book club in the afternoon.

I always find the book club organiser, Vicki, and all the other families very welcoming. My toddler and I even enjoy a meal as people joining the book club are normally offered a small discount off food and drink.

For all the up to date information and notifications as to when the next one is being held, I would recommend searching for Bubblegum Bali on Facebook.

Leave me a comment if you are planning to visit the book club and I'll keep an eye out for you.

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