Brodburger Flame Grilled Burgers

Brodburger Flame Grilled Burgers


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They started off with a small red caravan on Lake Burley Griffin, but now you can find some of Canberra's favourite burgers 6 days a week at the Canberra Glassworks . Brodburger's new location might be a bit more reliable, but it still draws the same long lines filled with eager burger lovers.

At most eateries the first hurdle is deciding what to order off the menu, at Brodburger it's eyeing up the dining room to try and wrangle a seat. This is the type of place where people perch like seagulls, waiting to nab a table as soon as the previous group leaves. On the large tables inside, strangers sit elbow to elbow enjoying their burgers, while on windy days people outside keep an eye out for any inside tables that might free up.

Ordering can involve quite a queue at times, but at least it gives you time to think about your order. There are 5 burgers straight from the days of the caravan: the Brodburger, the Broddeluxe, the Brodchicken, the Brodfin, and the Brodveg. Most of the burgers are pretty similar, apart from the obvious changing meat. They all come with lettuce, tomato, Spanish onion, homemade aioli, and tomato relish, as well as your choice of cheese: blue, brie, cheddar, and swiss. The Brodchicken gets a special serving of avocado.

The Brodveg is a little different, coming with a mix of vegetables like mushroom, eggplant, zucchini, and capsicum, with some grilled halloumi topping it off. The Broddeluxe also deserves its own mention, this epic burger could probably make up your day's meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner all in one sitting.

The Broddeluxe comes with 2 half pound beef patties, two eggs, plenty of bacon, as well as the usual lettuce, tomato, cheese, aioli, and relish you'll find on all the other burgers. It's an effort just to open your mouth wide enough to fit it in, it's not a burger for the feint of heart or of stomach.

Their new location also means a new menu, so these 5 burgers are joined by a few other choices. If you're not too hungry you can grab a baby brodburger, cheeseburger, or brodchicken. There's also the brodsteak, sliced steak cooked to your liking inside a burger bun, with all the usual additions plus smokey barbeque aioli. Or you can grab a full size cheeseburger, or a bacon and egg burger.

Most burgers range from $10-$15, with the Broddeluxe being a little more expensive at $18. Sides or fries or veggies can be added for around $4-$5. Brodburger have the usual range of soft drinks, but they also do a good selection of beers, and have large bottles of cider available.

If there's one main complaint about Brodburger it would have to be the waiting times. Even when things are running smoothly the wait can be about 20-30 minutes, but sometimes waits have been as long as 1-2 hours. They've been opened for a while now in their new store, so after a few initial kinks have been ironed out, you'll find things run a bit better.

If you've got room after finishing your meal, There are also a small selection of sweets. Colourful macarons fill the case along with sweets like baklava, and other cakes. They serve coffee and cakes from 10am, while burgers only start from 11:30 am, and 12pm on a Sunday.

Whether Brodburger are Canberra's best burgers is something that will be continued to be argued; their long wait times deter some customers, but there is no denying that their burgers, with their juicy patties, crispy buns, and fresh ingredients, are pretty tasty.

Brodburger are open 11:30am-3pm and 5:30pm-Late Tuesday to Saturday, and 12pm-4pm on Sundays.

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