Brittain Park

Brittain Park


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Have you ever been to one of those parks that just enchant you, that make you feel like you've walked into a fairy tale story? in Coopers Plains is one of those parks you just fall in love with.

Don't be fooled with the park's smallness, the park might be simple, but the truest dreamer will replace reality with fantasy and imagine that fairies are dancing beneath the trees and dragons are soaring up above, and those nasty trolls are terrorising folks as they walk by.

is located along Troughton Road in Coopers Plains. The park consists of a large field where one can play soccer, football, cricket, and/or beach volleyball. A car park is available for anyone's use as well as street parking on Troughton Rd. A bus stop is also available up ahead of the park on Troughton Rd.

The large field is mostly used by the Queensland Christian Soccer Association. To read more about QCSA, visit their website here: Queensland Christian Soccer Association

Within , there is a small playground and swing set for children to play on and a nearby park bench for those adults who like to sit and talk as they watch their children play and escape reality. A path from the park leads down to Upwood Street which then leads into the Village. The walk, or jog, run, cycle etc. down the path is quiet and peaceful.

Stable Swamp Creek might seem off-putting (especially if trolls (or a certain ogre) are roaming underneath, sneaky as they are), but is home to at least part of the creek, where you can over-look water running out of the drains and gaze at the wildly growing trees and plants. After a stormy night, the smell of rain and nature fills you up, the air is fresh, and you instantly feel relaxed.

Up near the soccer field, another path is before you. This path is much longer and can lead to many magical places. If you follow the path, along the side of the soccer field, you will travel down a small hill where you then cross a small bridge and enter a land of trees, lots of trees - some might call this a forest. You might come to a fork in the path; you can turn left and follow the path that leads you to a much larger park has a secret trail that can leave you up to your imagination, or you could turn right, which might lead you up to Troughton Rd again, where you could experience Déjà vu and remember you've been there before.

Next time you're at a park, no matter how small or dungy looking it might be, venture into those places where your imagination can take over and appreciate the nature that is around you. Brittian Park, though small, can be an amazing place to enjoy with your family, or by yourself, if you replace reality with fantasy.

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