Brisbane Writers Festival Events @ North Logan Library

Brisbane Writers Festival Events @ North Logan Library


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Wed 06 Sep 2017 - Sun 10 Sep 2017

This year marks the 55th annual Brisbane Writers Festival. Attending and participating in the festival is a great way to motivate yourself to start writing, network with other writers, and otherwise hone your literary skills.

Logan City Council is participating in the Festival, hosting two events each representing a unique opportunity to hear authors speak of experiences which compelled them to write.
Tala Raassi - Fashion is Freedom

Tala Raassi's designs are showcased across a dizzying range of media, but her history as a young girl in Iran couldn't be any further removed from the influence she holds in the fashion industry today.

When she turned sixteen, she wore a mini-skirt to her Sweet 16 party at a friend's house in Tehran. The religious police raided the party, and Raassi was found guilty of breaking strict social laws. At age sixteen, she was punished with five days in jail and forty lashes.

Shortly after this, Raassi moved to the United States, and started studying fashion marketing. Over the next years, she opened a boutique, travelled the world exploring different fashion, and designed her own line of swimsuits. She named this line Dar Be Dar. Dar Be Dar is Persian for "door to door" or "all over the place", and refers to Raassi travelling all over the world to learn the business of fashion.

Tala's driving aim in her work has been the creation of fashion that celebrates the beauty of women and empowers them to follow their dreams. Her book, Fashion is Freedom, has garnered critical acclaim as "a rare book equally likely to appeal to fans of Project Runway, students of contemporary Middle Eastern cultural history and for all people seeking inspiration on their way to business success."

Tala will be speaking as part of an In Conversation event in front of a live audience at the library.

Bookings are essential; click here to register.
Mark McKenna - From the Edge: Australia's Lost Histories

Mark McKenna is an author, academic and historian with a long interest in Australian identities, in particular the relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. His book, From the edge: Australia's lost histories, has been described by the Sydney Morning Herald as a series of "spellbinding essays (that) take us into that great unknown zone, zooming in on overlooked epic encounters between the Indigenous inhabitants and the European invaders on the frontier. From largely peaceful interactions during the marathon walk of shipwrecked traders from Gippsland to Port Jackson in 1797, to the cataclysmic arrival of white settlers in the Pilbara, these are the dramatic stories that are the real untapped wealth of the nation."

Mark will be discussing his book, as well as speaking on his broader studies of Australian histories. It's sure to be a thought provoking event for writers, as well as anyone with an interest in revisiting and questioning traditional history.

Bookings are essential; click here to register.

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