Brisbane's Smallest Parks

Brisbane's Smallest Parks


Posted 2021-06-29 by T. A. Rosefollow

While reviewing Lawrence Street Pocket Park (Road Reserve) - one of Brisbane City Council's smallest recognisable spaces - I started to think in terms of what is the smallest park in Brisbane by area because it seemed exceedingly small for a proper park. I found out from the city council pages that pocket parks are the smallest in the range of Brisbane's parks .

However, this Lawrence Street park is still not the smallest park in Brisbane, there is Roseglen Street Park at 54A Roseglen Street in Greenslopes - a minuscule 51.8 square metres in area and thus at 0.045 hectares or more precisely, 452.6 square metres in area, Lawrence Street Pocket Park (Road Reserve) is almost nine times larger and not the smallest in the Brisbane City Council area. However, it's by far and away St Lucia's smallest official city council recognised park out of fifteen official parks on the linked list and is sufficiently small enough to influence me to research the smallest parks in Brisbane. I tried some additional research as the city council has data on park areas and I found it there - Lawrence Street Pocket Park at 46th smallest on the list.

Out of the 2173 official park status parks in Brisbane (where Mount Coot-tha Reserve is the largest) 54A Roseglen Street is the smallest and Lawrence Street Pocket Park is easily not the smallest, however, it's in the bottom three per cent at 46th smallest park on the list. I've left some screenshots for interest's sake of how I extracted such intriguing facts. Just to clarify, the spreadsheet obtained was from the Brisbane City Council data page . A fact confirming Lawrence Street Pocket Park is the smallest in St Lucia is that it's the smallest on the list for postcode 4067.

This information is (hopefully) just to be taken fairly lightly, as a fun set of facts to inform about the smallest parks in Brisbane. To make interpreting the tables in the images below easy, the top row on the spreadsheet is for category names, so at row 47 I can work out that is the same as the 46th smallest area in Brisbane. I highlighted the area column and did a sorting from smallest to largest, which yields the desired statistic - being the rank of the parks in terms of the smallest parks in Brisbane. Several other parks aside from Laurence and Roseglen worth a visit include, The Green Park 143 A Sylvan Road, Toowong (the third smallest on the list), Hudson Road Park (outside the TAB high-rise in Albion), (rank of eighth smallest) and Clark Lane Park at less than 200 square metres on 518 Queen Street Brisbane CBD.

Conclusively, it's worth mentioning the Guinness record for the world's smallest park - Mill Ends Park on a safety island on SW. Front Avenue, Portland, U.S.A - a circle of 0.6096 metres diameter. I'll make it easy and say it's way less than a square metre in area, which I think is plausible given it's a world record but (with the image displayed below) it certainly puts things in perspective.

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