Support the Brisbane Roar - A-League Football Club

Support the Brisbane Roar - A-League Football Club


Posted 2012-07-25 by Jaclyn Vidottofollow

In the past two years, I've been going to the Brisbane Roar religiously at Suncorp Stadium. You might ask "Who are the Brisbane Roar?" Yes, I asked the same question two years ago. So here it is: they are one of eight soccer teams in the inaugural Hyundai A-League season, which involves teams from around Australia and one from New Zealand. The Brisbane Roar created Australian sporting history by breaking the record for the most undefeated consecutive matches - 36 games.

Now, soccer, compared with other sports, is not very big in Brisbane. I've lived in Brisbane for 21 years and I'd not heard of the Brisbane Roar up until two years ago. My father-in-law have always loved going to the Roar with the kids and recently, it became a family event. I didn't know much about soccer then (only that you had to get the ball into the net, like most sports), but I learnt the players' names, their positions (kind of) and their personalities on the field. Now, I love going to the Roar, but it's not just about going to the game; it's the hanging out with family, cheering and sharing the excitement with them, spending time with them and enjoying each other's company, all in the presence of the Roar!

Last season, my family purchased a corporate box for the season I was lucky enough to have a seat (everyone wanted to be my friend). It was the best! We were all sitting together, had awesome views of the field, and were able to high five easier as we weren't sitting in a line. The availability of various food and beverage packages and a VIP car park are one of the perks of having a corporate box. On the other hand, being amongst the crowd is great too. I sat next to The Den for one game last season and it was awesome, though I did get showered with beer when we scored.

My family and I are big supporters and big fans of the Brisbane Roar; we've come to love the sport, the players and even the colour! It's unbelievable how much orange coloured paraphernalia we have and we're even starting outdoor soccer in a few weeks. But don't worry, our team name is not Roar-related.

So if you've never been to a Brisbane Roar game, go. Go for the atmosphere, the excitement, the fun, the exhilaration, and you might come to love the Brisbane Roar like we did. Their first home game is on Saturday 13 October 2012 at Suncorp Stadium. Usually their home games are fortnightly, but check their website for game times and you can buy your tickets from Ticketek . To find out more about the Brisbane Roar, check out their website .

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