Annual No Pants Train Ride 2017

Annual No Pants Train Ride 2017


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Sun 08 Jan 2017

How often have you been on a train and thought "It's great that I'm on a train right now, but such a shame that I have to wear these pants while I do so"? Do you yearn to feel Translink's finest seat covers against the naked skin of your upper thighs? Have you just purchased underwear so amazing that it feels like a shame to only share them with those you're most intimate with?

If any of these statements applies to you, then prepare to shake off those New Years hangovers and beat the heat with the ! The international head-turning flashmob returns to Brisbane to liberate the legs of the populous.

Every year, everyone is invited to ride the Brisbane train network from 14:30-17:00 without pants. For the crazier participants, why not ride from 14:15? Crazy, I know.

The event started in New York in 2002 by Improv Everywhere and has run every year since, spreading internationally as one of the more successful flashmob enterprises. It runs on the same day in every location internationally, with time zone differences creating a slow moving and pantsless Mexican Wave of sorts as the day goes on. What started with seven participants in the middle of winter in the north east of the USA now takes place with thousands of partici-pants worldwide.

The rules are described as "Random passengers board a subway car at separate stops in the middle of winter without pants. The participants behave as if they do not know each other, and they all wear winter coats, hats, scarves, and gloves. The only unusual thing is their lack of pants.". If questioned, the riders are encouraged to act nonchalant about their state of attire, as though the person asking is the strange one in the scenario.

This year, riders are being encouraged to up the ante with the few clothes they will be wearing, with suggestions of high-vis construction clothes, business suits, motorbike rider clothes, defence force clothes (or imitation of), firefighter clothes, raver (fluro) outfits and Cosplay outfits. As though the sight of hundreds of people in their tighty whities wasn't enough to raise a few eyebrows.

As ever, the Brisbane edition lands mid-summer rather than the mid-winter tribulations our northern hemisphere counterparts face, making it a more practical adventure all round. The local edition is being run by Brisbane Popup Comedy, whose origin in this event now extends to flashmob activities throughout the year also.

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