Brisbane Kebab and Gyros

Brisbane Kebab and Gyros


Posted 2018-03-25 by Brian McIverfollow
Another Friday night, and another bittersweet dinner decision. Sweet, because in this household, Friday is a day where it's ok to get takeaway. No one will judge you for wanting a night off. Bitter, because although Mango Hill is a great place to live, everyone (and I mean everyone) wants to buy takeaway at the same time. Sometimes, the amount of cars outside a shop can lead to circling around and driving home, thinking that you'll be able to scratch together a "recession" curry ("pffft, no worries, it'll be done simmering by 11:30.") or simply get by with that tin of baked beans that's been with you since you lived with your parents.

This particular Friday, I couldn't even face getting into my car. I was cooking / ordering for one, as my better half was having a fancy night in the city.

Nothing in the pantry. Time to find some easy options for Brisbane's outer north.

I found in nearby Kallangur, offering a range of fresh kebabs, gyros, and Halal Snack Packs for pickup or delivery through Menulog.

I've always thought that kebabs tend to be better the closer into the city you go, so it was really nice to discover that shows that you can still get a great kebab in the outer suburbs.

I chose the Mix Kebab meal ($14.90) which is a beef, lamb and chicken kebab served hot chips and a soft drink.

All kebabs come with your choice of sauce (yoghurt, bbq, hommus, sweet chilli, tahini, hot chilli, sour cream, tomato sauce or mayo), with all of these choices available when ordering through Menulog. The kebabs come with tomato, lettuce and onion at standard, and extras (cheese, tabouli, pineapple, jalapenos, mushroom, beetroot, olives and pickles) can be added for 80c each. There is no option to add extras to your kebab via Menulog, so you would need to contact the store directly after ordering if you wanted them.

I was happy when I took my first bite; the bread was freshly toasted, the meats were lean and the veggies were good quality. Perhaps not quite as much of the yoghurt sauce as I would have wanted, but what I get was very tasty.

Let's talk chips.

Hot chips have a tendency to go a bit soft when travelling for any amount of time. But these chips were absolutely perfect; they'd obviously been made right before the driver jumped in the car. Plenty of chicken salt, nice and crunchy. 10/10. The serving size of the chips almost filled me up, but I soldiered on and ploughed into the kebab.

Too often, poorly-made kebabs will fall apart into a soggy mess - but my mixed kebab had been well wrapped, keeping all of the ingredients together and denying my dog half a floor-kebab.

Overall, are a standout option for a quick meal in the greater North Lakes region, especially in terms of value for money for one person. It would be great if they are able to work with Menulog and allow for extras to be added to kebabs through the app, but this isn't a huge issue and doesn't take away from the fact these guys know how to make a solid, reliable kebab. Next time, I'll definitely have to try a HSP.

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