Brisbane's Basket Buddies Christmas Celebrations

Brisbane's Basket Buddies Christmas Celebrations


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Sun 01 Aug 2021 - Tue 30 Nov 2021

Can you remember back to a time you did something that was easy and inexpensive yet gave you, your friends and people you didn't even know so much pleasure from your small act of kindness? If you can then let's do it again. If you can't then here's an opportunity to experience the joy that comes when you embark on almost costless but coordinated acts of kindness that eventually merge into a celebration of great joy for many who are a lot less fortunate than ourselves.

And just how can we all take advantage of this small gift that will just keep on giving? It's very simple, join Brisbane Basket Brigade's Basket Buddies Program.

When you join the Basket Buddies Program you sign up to provide a basket of nominated food items to either a family, single or homeless person within the greater Brisbane community that may be doing it tough, might not seek help or would perhaps otherwise fall through the cracks to remind them they are not alone and that someone cares. When you register your pledge, you receive a link to a specific shopping list based on your nominated category setting out what needs to be purchased to fill the various Christmas baskets each week. The shopping lists is made up of staple kitchen items that won't break the bank like pasta and tinned veggies and average around $2-$3 each. By following the Program the many little extras you purchase between now and Christmas will fill baskets of food and treats ready to make a real difference to members of our community who otherwise would not be able to share the joys of the season with us.

In 2021 the Basket Buddies Program has a goal of providing over 2,000 baskets made up of three categories:

1. Family Basket: Which is two bags of groceries sufficient to feed a family of four. The cost of putting a Family Basket together is usually somewhere between $70 and $100, spread over 18 weeks, depending on brands and times of purchase, however, if you keep your eye out for specials the cost would be around $60 per basket.

2. Homeless Basket: Consists of one bag of food that will provide a homeless person with a nourishing meal and some joy during the Season of Good Will. The overall price for a Homeless Basket will be between $62 and $92, spread over 18 weeks, depending on the brands and whether you can pick up some specials along the way – filling the Basket with specials could put the cost at about $55 per basket.

3. Singles Basket: Entails one bag of groceries sufficient for a single person who will be celebrating the Season alone. The price range for a Singles Basket is expected to be between $40 and $60, spread over 18 weeks, depending on what brands purchased and your ability to bargain hunt at the shops. An experienced bargain hunter could get the cost down to around $35.

Got questions? You can download a copy of all the FAQs for the Basket Buddies Program here or reach out to the program coordinators directly at [email protected]

Time is running out to get these Baskets ready for Christmas and your help is needed urgently and you can help by registering your desire to help here at Brisbane Basket Brigade. Join in now with many other community-minded people who are determined to make sure all our community members get to celebrate the real Christmas spirit.

Brisbane Basket Brigade is comprised entirely of volunteers with a small committee who work untiringly throughout the year resolute in their commitment to achieve the ultimate goal which is to ensure December's basket packing weekend completes the Program in time that all the Buddy Baskets will be delivered as planned.

Brisbane Basket Brigade has continued to grow by approximately 20% each year and in 2020, throughout the greater Brisbane area, saw:
  • Over 2,000 volunteers sort, wrap, pack and deliver Christmas Baskets to over 4,700 recipients in 1,530 households last Christmas.
  • In addition 390 Homeless Bags were delivered to our friends on the street.
  • An estimated 30 tonnes of food and gifts were wrapped and packed into over 3,700 shopping bags and distributed.

  • This Christmas the Brigade plans to distribute 1400 family baskets, 250 singles baskets and 400 homeless baskets for a total of almost 3,500 bags of food and treats.

    Your help is needed urgently so please register here now! This can't get done on its own.

    Brisbane Basket Brigade is part of a not-for-profit national charity run entirely by volunteers working through the Magic Moments Foundation . Its mission and goals are based on the simple notion that one small act of generosity on the part of one caring person can transform the lives of hundreds, specifically at Christmas time. Throughout Brisbane, the Brigade supports over 70 local grassroots charities as well as other organisations, including healthcare, education and training and employment professionals.

    The Brisbane Basket Brigade aims to bring together like-minded people who share a passion for helping those members of our community who have fallen on hard times and to show those in despair that someone does cares.

    It's all about volunteers (Hint).

    For more information on the activities of this marvellous organisation and how you can download a copy of their comprehensive Brisbane Basket Brigade Ultimate Guide or sign up to the newsletter . The newsletter will provide you with the necessary links to register for the programs currently open and confirmation of registration dates for upcoming programs. You can also make contact through the web page here as well as check out their Facebook page here .

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