Brisbane Billycart Championships

Brisbane Billycart Championships


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Sun 09 Sep 2018

Oh my gosh, some of my fondest memories are from billycart riding when I was a 'children' (though we called them go-karts) and here we have our very own , that have been hosted for thirteen years by the Rotary Club of Carindale .

Count us in, I say!

The Billycart Championships are actually held on a grass track - safer and softer landings - and are perfect for little kids, big kids and really big 'kids' too. Entrants are invited to design and build their very own billycart creation and then to race it. Don't stress, if you don't have time to build a cart of your own, there are twenty loan billycarts for prospective entrants to choose from - and they're all FREE to use.

Age groups for the 2018 are:

  • 4 and 5 years
  • 6 to 8 years
  • 9 to 12 years
  • 13 years and older

  • The youngest entrants to the will start the day's events at 7.30am; experiencing firsthand the thrill of driving a billycart down the slope for about fifteen metres. These young wannabe race drivers will be released by hand on the grass slope, below the launch ramps. The idea is for the littlies to have a fun experience of driving a billycart, in a non-competitive environment. So awesome - how I wish I had this as a child, instead of having three brothers to contend with!

    The are held at the Carindale Recreation Reserve as an added attraction to the Green Heart Fair. For the exact location of the Fair and Billycart Championships, please see the location map here.

    The Green Heart Fair is Brisbane's biggest FREE twice-yearly community and sustainability festival, that promotes innovative green living in a fun, family-friendly environment for all residents to enjoy.

    Admission to the Green Heart Fair and Billycarts is totally FREE! Registration to race a cart in the Billycart Championship is only $10 per person - these proceeds go towards the cost of staging this event. Click here to register your billy cart now. All Billycarts plus the drivers need to comply with certain 'specifications' - please check out the nitty gritty of what is permitted and what not, at the specifications link.

    To ensure the driver's safety for the Modified and Hi Tech Carts' sections, there is a height restriction of 120cm or taller.

    Not sure where to start with building a Billycart? No problem - compliments of Rotary International, here's a ' How to Build a Billycart ' guide. Carindale Rotary have an aluminium ramp system to launch the billycarts down the hill. With such an efficient system, the organisers expect the carts to reach speeds of up to 30kph - oh my gosh, that IS fast!

    2018 Race Programme

    From 6.30am
    Carts arrive at 'drop off' zone

    Registrations open; followed by scrutiny

    4 and 5 year olds have fun from foot of ramps on the grass

    6 to 8 year olds racing - Modified/Hi-Tech carts, then Traditional carts.
    Medallions and Trophies presented (please note Hi Tech race first)

    9 to 12 year olds racing - Modified/Hi-Tech carts, then Traditional carts.
    Medallions and Trophies presented (please note Hi-Tech race first)

    Mascot Parade
    Political Mayhem - local politicians go head-to-head on the race track
    Mascot Derby - see your favourite Mascots race off for the Mascot Derby Trophy
    Years 13 and over racing - Modified/Hi-Tech carts; then Traditional carts.
    Medallions and Trophies presented (please note Hi-Tech race first)

    Walk up racing - this is specifically for entrants who would love to try racing a 'Hire Billycart'. Cost is ONLY $5, which includes the cart hire.
    No medallions are presented for this stage of the programme. This section is also open to all the morning competitors at no extra cost.

    We can't have Billycart Championships without prizes and the organisers and very generous sponsors have that sorted too.

    Prizes will be awarded for:

  • Winners and Runners Up in all Age and Cart categories
  • Best Dressed Team (HINT: Dress up as a colourful race team)
  • Most Imaginative Cart Design - the Clem Sturgess Trophy

  • The on Sunday 9 September, is an excellent opportunity for families to have a fun and exciting day out. Whether you plan on making your own billycart to race or borrowing one from the Rotary Club of Carindale on the day, it's looking to be a day of fantastic family-friendly competition. An ideal setting to unleash your inner speed demons.
    Count us in, I say, there's nothing quite like a bit of wholesome family fun, with a touch of competition thrown in the mix.

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