Brisbane's Best Seaside Bars

Brisbane's Best Seaside Bars


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[SECTION]Brisbane's best seaside bars[/SECTION]

The Greater Brisbane area has a coast line that extends from just south of Caboolture down to the Gold Coast and includes a number of islands and even some coastal beaches. Yet disappointingly there are few bars directly on the seaside. Here are 5 of the best coast bars in the Greater Brisbane area.

One thing to realise is that most of these are classic pubs, yet because of the location, you end up paying a premium price, especially for food. However many pubs around Brisbane are heading the same way without the compensation for a great location.

[SECTION]Full Moon Hotel: Sandgate[/SECTION]

Sandagate has a diverse selection of bars and hotels. This beach side destination has a village feel and dates back over 100 years as a place for Brisbanites to relax on weekends. It has long been a place to go for food and entertainment if you live in the northern suburbs. As a result there are several standout bars in Sandgate. The Cardigan is a friendly smaller bar, the 4017 Bar & Grill operates as a pub but the real reason to visit is the fantastic food.

The Full Moon Hotel gives you more of a classic pub experience and has actual sea seaviews. To be honest, the hotel can be a bit hit and miss. When the service is good, you choose the right meal and they prepare it properly, it is a great experience. Though I think like a lot of beach side hotels, it all depends on which night you go, and weekends tend to be better, but more crowded, than the weeknights.

I love this location as a place to visit for a beer in the late afternoon. Sometimes we stay for a meal or we head to one of the many other great restaurants in the area to eat.

Maybe the Full Moon Hotel is not a destination in its own right, but it is definitely part of the total Sandgate experience.

[SECTION]Grand View Hotel & Pub: Cleveland Point[/SECTION]

The Grand View Hotel & Pub is Brisbane's oldest licensed pub. The pub faces the canals on Raby Bay while the rear looks out to North Stradbroke Island. Can you imagine a more perfect location for a few beers and a meal.

Now obviously a historic pub near the seaside in a upmarket neighbourhood is not going to be cheap. However the food can be excellent, if maybe a little pricey. Once again, week night meals can be less reliable than weekends, but weekends include entertainment at night. Also check out the Sunday afternoon bands.

Definitely a place to check out if you live south of the Brisbane River. A great pub experience but at slightly more upmarket prices. It is also worth visiting for the historical experience.

[SECTION]Stradbroke Island Beach Hotel Spa Resort[/SECTION]

Obviously it is not possible to have a list of beachside bars without including at least one on an island. My personal favourite is the bar and bistro at the Stradbroke Island Beach Hotel Spa Resort .

I have never stayed at the hotel, but each time we visit Stradbroke we usually end up here listening to music, having a beer or two, or enjoying a meal. The food and service is excellent and you can't beat the view.

This bar is located conveniently at the northern end of Cylinder Beach, though walking from the beach to the bar is not exactly convenient (there is a clear path that locals take that involves jumping a small ditch and a small fence).

Meals there are pretty good, and the price is typical of all the pubs listed here. They also have buffet seafood lunches on weekends which are a perfect way to followup a morning of swimming or surfing.

[SECTION]Redland Bay Hotel[/SECTION]

I didn't even realise this pub existed until recently. Located on the coast looking out to Garden and Macleay Islands, the Redland Bay Hotel is a great little find.

While the hotel lacks the charm of the others on this list, it is a still a lovely place for a drink or a meal. With a great open area at the back with ocean views and entertainment, this place really attracts a crowd on weekends.

When it comes to dining, the week night menus are much cheaper than the weekends, so you can eat for less than $10 during the week and expect to spend $30 on the weekends. Though of course the quality goes up along with the price.

The venue is very family friendly, being in a location without too many other options. The family meal deals are worth checking out.

I am not sure I would recommend travelling too far to go to this pub, but it is still really worth a visit if you are even remotely in the area.

[SECTION]Belvedere Hotel: Woody Point[/SECTION]

Woody Point loses the spotlight to the Redcliffe esplanade area, but still manages to have a hotel that attracts the crowds every weekend. The Belvedere Hotel faces south out over Bramble Bay and attracts many people from the area over the weekends.

The menu is typical of those on this list, but has some nice features. There is a pairing key for meals with both wine and beer (yes, pairing your meal with the right beer is now a thing). There are also seafood platters for just one, the only place I know that does this.

Still it comes down to the simple fact these are pub meals at restaurant prices. The quality is pretty good and worth it, though you can always get something better for a similar price in a real restaurant.

If you live to the North of Brisbane then this is the pub to check out if you want beers with an ocean view and an opportunity to eat a seafood platter where you can smell the ocean. There are afternoon specials including beer and BBQ, a great a popular breakfast menu and entertainment. Check out the Latin music on Friday nights.

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