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Brisbane Beginner Yoga - SportUP


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For some, the thought of attending a yoga studio on one's own is at the very least, nerve-wracking. Uncertain of what the class may entail, daunted by the prospect of being the only yogi who isn't flexible enough to touch their toes. The unknown and the potential embarrassment seem to far outweigh the bliss and benefits yoga has to offer. The anxieties are real, and you are by no means alone. That's why Melodie of SportUp Yoga has been so passionate in creating a safe and welcoming space to encourage new (and seasoned) yogis to practice at SportUP Yoga.

Melodie helped start up SportUP Yoga 8 months ago and has been practising yoga for about 8 years. She enjoys teaching others the benefits of yoga in a safe, gentle and nourishing environment. Having only lived in Brisbane for just over 4 years, Melodie is also passionate about creating a social connection with fellow yogi's and this shines through at SportUP Yoga as there are often coffee catch ups and chats following the classes. SportUP Yoga forms part of SportUp, a social sport club with over 1500 people playing social sport and keeping active every week around Brisbane. The mission of SportUp Yoga is simple, to provide simple, beginner friendly, social and inclusive yoga to help you feel calmer, fitter and more flexible in a friendly environment. Classes are suitable for all levels, not just beginners, so those experienced yogis will also leave feeling challenged. The yoga studios are based in community spaces located in Toowong (44 Grove Street) and Brisbane City (10 Perry Lane).

At SportUP Yoga there are a number of classes you can try including:

Full moon Yoga:
Held every month under the moon and stars at Toowong. This beautiful beginner friendly, relaxing and social class is open to all and allows you to soak in the lunar energy. Cost $10 (The next full moon class in May will be on Sunday the 19th 6:30pm - register here )

Charity Yoga:
This monthly charity yoga class sees all profits go to Animal Welfare League Queensland. It's held every 2nd Saturday of the month at Toowong at 8.30am. This is also a bit of a social class, where yogis can head out for coffee/breakfast at a local cafe afterwards to catch up!
Cost: $10

Beginner's Yoga:
There are 2 beginner's yoga series which are in 6 week blocks. This series moves through the fundamentals and different styles of yoga and is an amazing introduction to the world of yoga. All members are welcome to join the beginner's yoga course at any time, but to get the full benefit it's recommended they start at the start of the 6 week block. The price for the 6 week course (which includes a weekly class) is just $130 which includes a free yoga mat and strap. The next 6 week course kicks off on the 23rd May so get in quick now!

Friendly Social Yoga:
A friendly, social, relaxing and invigorating hatha yoga class. Hatha traditionally is the all-encompassing style of yoga which vinyasa etc. comes from so this class is varied. Sometimes focusing on strength and balance with long holds (5 breaths per asana) or more energetic with one breath per movement (vinyasa). This is also a beginner friendly class!
Cost: $25 casual or Membership

Relaxing Yin Yoga:
This is pure bliss and an amazing class for beginners. Yin is a relaxing style of yoga that focuses on slowing down and stretching out, with asanas (poses) held up for 5 minutes. Think melting all your anxiety away and riding the wave of relaxation for an hour.
Cost: $25 casual or Membership

If you'd prefer a weekly membership, without any lock-in contracts you can sign up for the below options:
- 1 Class per week $18
- Unlimited Classes per week $22 %%
To access these classes you can click here .

You can cancel at any time and all Unlimited Class members receive a free yoga mat and strap when they first sign up.

Why not come along and try before you buy because if you to subscribe to SportUP's newsletter because you'll get your first class absolutely FREE. Click here to register.

What a great opportunity to practice yoga, increase flexibility, fitness and mindfulness all whilst being in such a warm and inviting space. If you're new to yoga, want a new studio to practice in, or simply want to meet new friends, come along to one of the classes, you'll certainly be glad you did.

If you'd like to find out more, register for your free class or check out what else SportUp has to offer just visit their website .

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