Brisbane Alternative Expo 2013

Brisbane Alternative Expo 2013


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Sun 20 Oct 2013

It is potentially impossible to describe what is normal. However, I do know that you will not find it at the Brisbane Alternative Expo on the 20th of October. Here you will find wicked little accessories and apparel, a Gothic wonderland and the perfect gift for your odd friend (or indeed yourself).

The event is brought to you by Brisbane Pop Culture who is also a main exhibitor at the event. They sell a variety of pop culture treasures including prop replicas, toys and home wares. Steampunkers should hop on a train to find unique pieces and cosplayers may have luck touching up their costumes. Even if you do not consider yourself to find beauty in the very strange and doubt that you would wear a corset casually, you may be surprised what you can find here.

There are a multitude of exhibitors beckoning you. Sharich Collectibles offers hand signed collectibles from the music, sport and entertainment industry. Crypt Creations sells jewellery for the glamorous undead. Venture to Cassandra's Closet for your corset and alternative clothing desires. Doctar Hacken Slash will provide you with alternative apparel and tricked out gas masks for every occasion. Comic book nerds rejoice, exhibitor Urban Fiction Comics and Collectables specializes in tracking down hard to find issues and sells comics and collectibles from a very wide scope of eras and genres. Nerfenstein markets hand crafted cosplay weapons and props perfecting for LARPing (life action role-playing), the next convention or a casual stroll down to the community park. Little Bubble is a home ware and purses exhibitor that morphs childhood and my old (current) love, the unicorn, into creepy decorations. If creepy baby pieces and cute hand bags are your thing, head on over. Knock Out Heels are a shoe company that will set your date on fire (or just the general populace) - surprisingly for this exhibitor list, not literally.

Morbid Carousel is an art print company who draw and colour their sketches by hand and then scan them into a digital image. Each piece is available in colour, vintage and horror themes. If your canine or feline is a bit kooky too, consider Sit Stay and Play . They offer a range of pet supplies and accessories customized into pop culture references and drizzled with cute. I am not an advocate of pet outfits myself but I would hover over a batman dog collar (if my hypothetical dog existed). Sugar Bomb are cake artists who offer traditional cakes as well as more specialised ones. TARDIS slice anyone? The Squeaking Tribe create puppets, marionettes and effigies that do not haunt my nightmares (clown puppets should never have been invented).

River Park Place will be tinted dark at the Hockey Centre complex. Onsite parking will be available to you as well as a playground for little monsters. Inside there is a bar and café to sate you and an ATM to help turn you into a dark prince/ss or a funky pop culture god/ess. The expo will be open from 9:00am to 3:00pm. I have barely even scratched the surface of this unusual market and its exhibitors. You will have to jump on your broom this October to discover more.

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