Bring Him to Me - Film Review

Bring Him to Me - Film Review


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Two Men on a Road to Disaster

Barry Pepper is a driver on a tough mission

Do you enjoy it when your action movies also have some sort of emotional resonance? Then get out to the cinema this November second to see the gritty, home-grown noir flick, Bring Him to Me.

The story centres around a mild-mannered driver (Barry Pepper) for a crime leader (Rachel Griffiths). The driver has his morality put to the test when he is told to collect a young and naïve crew member known as passenger (Jamie Costa) one week after their involvement in a brutal robbery. Passenger is unaware that he is being led into an ambush, and as they bond over the course of their journey, driver’s conscience is put to the test. His loyalties to his boss come into stark conflict with his morality. All the while, other repercussions from the robbery are catching up with the pair fast.

Sam Neill plays tough guy Frank to perfection

While there’s plenty of action and drama to keep things moving, there is a greater depth to the film. Bring Him to Me examines the complexities of human nature and the importance of paternal relationships. It looks at how some fathers fail their children, even when they are trying hardest to provide for them, while other fathers fail through lack of trying. It also examines the moral conundrums that occur when ethics and loyalties are at odds with one another.

The robbery that sets a terrible chain of events in motion

Even though the characters in the film are flawed, you feel the driver and passenger want to do the right thing, and so you end up rooting for them, while their actions don’t always match their morality. It all makes for a compelling narrative about wrongdoing, remorse, second chances, and challenging decisions. Like all good road movies, the characters experience a physical journey and an emotional one.

Technically speaking the film benefits from some lovely cinematography and lighting. Locations are great and editing well timed. Locations are perfectly chosen. Colour grading is superb, adding a lovely richness, especially during the robbery scene.

Passenger played by Jamie Costa is in for a tough night

It is very exciting to see such a strong Aussie cast and many familiar locations in the background. In this reviewer’s opinion, the Australian film industry has come far enough now that we should not need to constantly Americanise our products to pander to the US and their tastes. Every time an American accent isn’t 100 percent on point in Bring Him to Me, it breaks the fourth wall. If I was to change one thing about the film, I’d forget the American accents and location names.

Aside from the wandering accents, the acting is superb, particularly from Barry Pepper, Jamie Costa, Sam Neill, and Rachel Griffiths. There are plenty of surprising twists and turns in the performances and narrative. Bring Him to Me is gritty, tense, and full of exciting action, peppered with some welcome quieter moments of introspection.

Being held at gunpoint really solidifies this friendship

DIRECTED BY Luke Sparke (Occupation: Rainfall)
STARRING Barry Pepper, Jamie Costa, Liam McIntyre and Zac Garred
WITH Rachel Griffiths
AND Sam Neill


In Competition
13th AACTA International Awards

2023 Official Selection
CinefestOZ Film Festival



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