Bring Him To Me - Film Review

Bring Him To Me - Film Review


Posted 2023-10-26 by Jenfollow
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Bring Him To Me is directed by Luke Sparke and stars Barry Pepper (Driver), Jamie Costa (Passenger), Liam McIntyre (Travis) and Zac Garred (Shaun), with Rachel Griffiths (Veronica) and Sam Neill, (Frank) and will be in cinemas 2 November 2023. With a run time of 90 mins and a rating of MA 15+ , mild-mannered Driver who works for a ruthless crime boss is asked to collect a young and unsuspecting new crew member known as Passenger, one week after a violent robbery. What Passenger doesn't know is that he's being driven to an ambush execution, which has Driver battling his conscience as they drive through the night, repercussions of the robbery hot on their tail.

This gritty crime thriller centres around a car journey - and so far, this is the third movie I've seen where it's predominantly filmed in a car, and this is by far the best. It's a taut fast-paced thriller, but it also has great heart and drama and twists and turns you will not expect. It keeps you on your toes - except you don't realise it, till it's finally revealed. I've always thought the talented Barry Pepper was a little underrated and would love to see him in more leading roles, as he's by far a rather interesting and unique actor who delivers the nuances and complexity of his character in a visceral way.

Sam Neill is at his professional best as a pawnshop owner who is far from an ordinary businessman. His business is a front for a major money laundering operation, handling millions of dirty dollars on a regular basis. He's a tough character and is the badder of the bad guys. Stealing from him means - you better watch out and stay sharp for what will follow; which adds to the film's tension and intrigue. Rachel Griffiths is the female crime boss running a racket. She's ruthless, powerful and intimidating. There's no way of escaping if she sets her sights on you. She has her finger on the pulse and sees and knows all that goes on in her operation, and has a unique and complex way of exacting her intent. One she keeps well hidden.

Driver and Passenger are like chalk and cheese; one an introvert and the other an extrovert. Passenger is just working to have a better life for his kid, and Driver doesn't reveal much about himself, keeping things close to his chest. The story is told in parts in flashback that shifts from the present to past events, then returns to the present. It certainly gives audiences something to think about, to the very end. With its broad appeal, there's something for everyone. The action enthusiasts will be fed with robberies, gun fights and car chases, while the strong dramatic elements through its character-driven narrative elevates the film beyond your typical action thriller. It certainly met the brief of being an engaging film in spite of its single location and minimal characters; the actors' performances the primary focus, they certainly stepped up!

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