Breaking Bald - Bris Funny Fest 2018 - Review

Breaking Bald - Bris Funny Fest 2018 - Review


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Fri 10 Aug 2018

I must tell you up front that Breaking Bald has absolutely nothing to do with Breaking Bad. But if you loved that TV series with its black humour, you will probably enjoy these three irreverent baldy Brisbane comedians. This show was part of Bris Funny Fest 2018. Bris Funny Fest, which is the equivalent of Brisbane's Comedy Fringe Festival, runs on the smell of an oily rag so there are great comedy bargains to be had. Breaking Bald was a sold out event with an audience of about 50 friends, family and fans. To sum it up, it was a bunch of amateur comedians doing a damn good job of fudging it.

The show was held at uber-trendy Aether Brewing in Railway Terrace at Milton (near the station). Upstairs in the intimate Barrel Room was the perfect space as there was no stage and nowhere to hide. The crowd was a happy one - eating pizza, drinking beer or wine and they were delighted to be entertained. Friday night in a brewery is way better than staying home and watching reality TV, believe me.

Adam Nico

The first baldy bloke was Adam who describes himself as fat, bald and forty but says that being a hairy wog in Queensland has its advantages. I'd say that being hilarious is one of them. He is an Italian stallion but don't think Fabio, more like Super Mario. He had me at Tassie Tuxedo (better known as double denim). In this politically correct world is it OK to mock the follicly challenged? The audience thought so and hooted with laughter at Adam's self-deprecating humour.

Steven Hollamby

Steve came on stage wearing a hat which confused the audience - was he pretending he wasn't bald without resorting to a comb-over or a rug; or was he pretending that he WAS bald just so that he could tell his jokes? He gave his original perspectives on "overcoming a poverty mentality", go-getters and doomsday preppers. He was seriously funny and he had the audience loving it. In fact, we were the audience of the ..... eternity.

Chris Muldoon

Chris's comic comments are up-to-the-minute and funny as. His humour is clever, with comparisons between Star Wars' Sith Lord and Donald Trump, and Jabba the Hutt and Harvey Weinstein. He is the pun master and the creator of some excellent double entendres (and if you ask me, I'll give you one). He also threw in a few groan-making dad jokes, but we will all retell them anyway. No topics were off limits or too repulsive including suicide bombers, sexual deviation and Clive Palmer. He's been accused of being too Aussie (really?) but his rough and rugged humour appealed to me. Haha.


"Doonie" was an added bonus or ring-in with the other three hairless and illegitimate jokers. The cheeky chappie appeared in his underwear and told a funny story to explain why. He inexplicably cracked his whip and I was glad that I wasn't sitting in the front row!

Claudia Bergs

Claudia, the hostess with mostest, boasted she was bald from the eyebrows down. Probably too much information but she was identifying with the chrome-domed trio she was MCing. I forget whether she said she was Brazilian or Italian. She handed out lucky door prizes which made it feel like a blue-light disco. But no-one was complaining about winning free beer or tickets to other comedy shows. Very popular.

Have some great laughs at the Bris Funny Fest .

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