Sunday Breakfast at Sizzler

Sunday Breakfast at Sizzler


Posted 2015-10-19 by Shannon Meyerkortfollow
When I told my husband I was taking the kids to breakfast at Sizzler the look on his face was quite clear. But I had my reasons – and most parents whose kids can be a little on the picky side would probably agree.

Admittedly, this is not fine dining. The food is served in a bain marie and there is no chef on hand to whip up a fresh egg white omelette or barista to make you a soy double latte no foam. But that isn't why you go to Sizzler.

You go because it's cheap – for young kids anyway – there is lots of choice, there is no waiting, and no matter how hard they try, no matter how much they whinge, there is no way even the fussiest kid couldn't find something they liked to eat.

Add to this the fact that kids are not only welcomed, but catered for, there is lots of space, no one seems fussed about a bit of noise or mess, and the absolutely lovely staff are ready to hand out colouring in sheets to the kids – and then get down on their level and chat about it with them afterwards – at least at the Innaloo store anyway.

The menu is quite extensive including fresh and tinned fruits, cereals (including Cocoa pops) and muesli, various yoghurts, nuts and dried fruits, breads, English muffins, mini muffins, mini croissants, Danish and pancakes.

Then across the way you have the hot foods including baked beans, sausages, bacon, scrambled eggs, baked eggs, mushrooms, potato gems, roasted tomatoes and savoury mince.

You can make your own Eggs Benedict with the baked eggs, muffins, ham, spinach and sauce. They even provide a salsa to spoon on top.

You can make your own fancy layered muesli with the various yoghurts, nuts, dried and fresh fruits.

And if you still can't find something you like – the full dessert bar is open. Custard, chocolate mousses, jellies, icecream and more. For breakfast.

One of the bonuses with breakfast is that drinks are included – there are three juices available plus the coffee machines.

While the coffee certainly is not café quality, the food is what you might expect at a hotel or motel buffet breakfast. There is nothing exceptional about it, but there is nothing wrong with it. It is what you make it – I had a great time creating inventive dishes. The kids had a great time eating pancakes covered with icecream and lollies.

Because kids under four are free, it cost less than $37 for the four of us to eat. Normally going out for breakfast would be double that, and there would be a lot more wastage (and complaining).

Even for adults, the full price is $19.95 – less than the price of a standard Big Breakfast and coffee at any of Perth's cafes or restaurants. And yes, the quality is not the same. But it is still a great option for families, after all, let your kids have pancakes and icecream for breakfast – and they will love you all day.

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