Brady's Lookout

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Posted 2016-02-26 by Gypsy Rosefollow
Do you ever picture a view that is surrounded with the beauty of rugged mountains that encircle a valley with a river flowing through the mountains and surrounding bushland? Well, you need to picture no more with this breathtakingly beautiful Lookout at !

is located between the lovely towns of Legana and Exeter, that are approximately under 30 minutes drive from Launceston.

As you turn off from the signpost and make your way to the peak you are welcomed to the hill that rewards you with awe-inspiring views, making a compulsion stop.

The striking views present the Tamar River as it graciously winds out to sea, with surrounding areas of bushland and mountains. It makes you feel like you are a million miles away from civilization, but in reality you are so close to the city.

You cannot help but also feel an aura of belonging mixed with a feel of solitude as it is just you and the view. You also get glimpses of a silver hue twinkling across the river and a richness of green from the mountains and valleys, with a vineyard tempting you in indulgence... you just do not want to leave this Lookout!

Here at the Lookout you will find excellent picnic and toilet facilities, including sheltered BBQ's and a number of picnic tables making it the perfect rest stop or a daytrip to enjoy breathtaking views and delightful picnic snacks.

There is a plaque with interesting facts of the history of this Lookout so be sure to check this out to get an understanding of the area and Lookout if you are a history buff like myself!

is one not to miss, with spectacular views and a sense of being a world away; you cannot help but almost spend a day being lost in its beauty.

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