Boyana Crescent, Croydon

Boyana Crescent, Croydon


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Boyana Cr. is only 600 metres long but is a pleasant leafy green walk.

Large blocks and large front yards, with many gardens appearing to have happened, rather than planned, with randomly placed garden ornaments, including an almost life-size deer on a front porch.

There were are couple of organised gardens, one with some backlit green leaves escaping through a wire fence.

Many flowers were blooming. The usual few roses were evident.

Several grevilleas including one identified as a woolly grevillea were the only native plants seen, with the exception of a banksia.

A honeysuckle, banksia, nasturtiums, and another rose made up a foursome of individual plants.

Proteas are appearing in many gardens at the moment, so it must be protea season.

A couple of small palms were seen and identified as sago palms, a native of southern Japan. They are one of several species for the production of sago. They are also used as an ornamental plant.

Being an older area, some picket fences remain, with a couple looking like they were still wearing their original coat of paint.

Passing one property I was verbally assaulted by two very noisy dogs who followed me along their fence line. I was pleased it was a solid fence. Further along the street another dog at a house with no fence rushed at me barking, but his tail was wagging, and he stopped short and accepted a couple of pats.

A dog friendly house was The Groom Shed.

The crescent is tree line and supplied almost a shade walk to man and beast.

Bird baths appeared in several front gardens, almost an icon of a past era.

A butterfly gaura bush was stunning with a myriad of pink flowers.

A pleasant garden spot was a garden seat playing host to three meerkats.

Many magpies were seen as well as a couple of noisy miners.

Two individual magpies were nicely caught in a gum tree.

One rather overgrown garden still had remnants of last year’s Halloween celebrations.

Camellias are starting to appear, a harbinger of the floral bonanza that awaits us.

A salvia hot lips plant was only showing pink flowers instead of the usual mixture of pink and white.

A single garden lamp was one of the few garden ornaments seen.

At the end of Boyana Crescent is a large grassy park, with a distant playground. It is the northern end of the Charles Allen Reserve. Walking through the reserve I came across nine magpies just sitting on the grass.

Like all street walks Boyana Crescent is good exercise for the body and the eyes.

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