Book Launch: Fiona McIntosh, The Perfumer's Secret

Book Launch: Fiona McIntosh, The Perfumer's Secret


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Sat 14 Nov 2015

Fiona McIntosh is the author of many exciting adult and children's books of fantasy, crime and history. Come along on Saturday the 14th November to celebrate over afternoon tea and bubbles, the launch of Fiona's latest book 'The Perfumers Secret'.

Fiona's Book Launch will be held at Novita Children's Serves Theatre, 171 Days Road, Regency Park.

Fiona McIntosh is now an international bestselling author of novels for both adults and children. In her early writing days, Fiona and her husband, Ian, co-founded an award-winning travel magazine which they ran for fifteen years before Fiona turned to fiction writing. Fiona still loves travel and roams the world researching the background for her novels.

Another of Fiona's other loves is baking. 'Bake With Me' , a blog of Fiona's baking adventures, is guaranteed to steer you towards the kitchen to start your own culinary adventure. 'The Perfumed Tour of France' is an amazing opportunity to travel with Fiona and 'enjoy Paris with an emphasis on fragrance, gourmet and life's sweet pleasure'.

I was able to meet Fiona early on in her novel writing career, following the launch of 'Myrren's Gift'. I again enjoyed hearing her speak at Writer's Week in 2014. The launch of 'The Perfumer's Secret' promises to be an equally entertaining afternoon.

Fiona talks about the evolution of her book,%% 'The story turned out to be everything but what I thought I was writing about. I truly believed, as I set out, that I was crafting a story about a young woman's struggle to be taken seriously as a perfumer in the early part of the 20th century when every industry was essentially a male domain. However, as I wrote – and I write to no plan as some of you know - the story that emerged was based around two wealthy families in southern France, each a world-famous name in perfume and the elders of the families harbouring a sinful secret. After their deaths this secret reaches out across generations to destroy lives … and it is Fleurette Delacroix, the only daughter within these families, who suffers the greatest impact of the families' unwise silence.'
Curious to hear more? Come along to the launch of this intriguing book, 'The Perfumer's Secret', on Saturday the 14th November .

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