Book A Chook - Hire and Buy Hens and Roosters

Book A Chook - Hire and Buy Hens and Roosters


Posted 2017-08-21 by Danielle Nortonfollow
The girls are squawking again, cackling like there's no tomorrow. Fleur had warned me that they really like to celebrate when they lay an egg and she wasn't underestimating their delight. In fact, it's so contagious that I give out a hoot of pure joy too when the cacophony begins. "An egg! Good girl", I say, as if she's done it just to please me.

Four weeks ago I hired Betty and Henrietta from Fleur at Book A Chook . The service she provides is wonderful and for a nominal amount of money, you can have chickens delivered to your backyard. She provides the pen, lays the hay, dusts it for mites, treats the water for worms and even leaves a bucket of pellets and grains, enough to feed your chooks for the month. If you decide to rent your new friends for an extra month, it's no trouble. Fleur shows up with her big grin, removes the hay, dusts for mites, fills up the water and is gone again.

Fleur, a true chook lover, is happy to share her wealth of knowledge. After giving our family some advice about what to do with a broody hen, she describes the process of egg production to my ten year old son. It takes 26 hours for an egg to form inside a chook and then, of course, when it gets too heavy or big, she gets sick of carrying it around and has to lay it. We have been collecting one perfect fresh egg per day, from our two girls, and it is giving us enormous pleasure.

Henrietta shakes herself as she walks, a big feathery pom-pom pottering around my garden bed looking for appetising odds and ends to peck at. Her feet are like long feathery flippers which makes me laugh out loud every day. Betty is sleek and proud as she struts around the place. Because they are 'rentals' Betty and Henrietta are absolutely tame. The children can pick them up, cuddle them, feed them a handful of seeds and enjoy them. All their friends are visiting and doing the same and the chooks seem at ease with being the entertainment.

We knew we wanted to have chooks one day but we weren't sure if we could handle the day to day maintenance required to care for them properly. We also didn't know if our garden could contain them. Renting these two chooks has helped us discover how much pleasure there is to be gained from these pets. We did have 'issues' with chook poo deposits all over our decking but a trip to the local hardware for some chicken wire was all it took to build a barrier.

If you decide to commit to purchasing chickens, after renting your chooks, Fleur can provide exactly what you need. All in all it's a fantastic service from Bookachook. Do yourself a favour and hire some chooks. You won't be sorry.

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