Bonbon - Melbourne Cabaret Fringe Festival

Bonbon - Melbourne Cabaret Fringe Festival


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Fri 05 Jul 2019 - Sat 06 Jul 2019

A singer, a contemporary dancer and a burlesque artist walk into a room. Sounds like a start of a joke, right? Or it could be the premise for Bonbon , which is currently playing in Melbourne as part of the Cabaret Fringe Festival. I can confidently say this is the sweetest little cabaret in town, with the three performers - Nadia Vickery , Olivia Lucas and Elise Brennan - demonstrating their multiple talents as they take the audience on the sweetest of rides in this show.

Each act in the show draws its inspiration from a wide range of sweet treats. Think doughnuts, chocolate, and even a dancing cupcake! The show starts with a great chorus line number involving the three women. Their physicality and energy is quickly apparent, as is their ability to work as a team and to remember to have fun! The performers' joy quickly transmits to the audience, which is clapping and cheering along within a short time.

We move from the opening number to a classic burlesque dance with twirling umbrellas performed by Nadia and Elise. A spirited and cheeky piece that has been cleverly choreographed.

Providing balance to some of the sillier aspects of the show was the singing of Elise Brennan. Elise has a 'sweet' yet commanding voice that works very well in the context of the show.

Back to the dancing cupcake. This was perhaps the most original act in the show. Nadia Vickery - classically trained dancer - is dressed in a cupcake outfit, and takes to the stage seated on a rolling stool, arms pinned by her costume. Despite these limitations, Nadia somehow manages to execute a complex and humorous dance routine. The choreography is superb. I should mention here the costuming too, which was clever and played up well to the 'bonbon' theme.

Naturally there has to be a big chorus line number to finish the show, and in this case, it's appropriately set to Hokey Pokey. It's such a big number that the audience also becomes involved! It's a funny and high spirited way to round out the show and ensure everyone in the audience has a smile on their face as they leave the theatre.

Bonbon is soft, sticky and super sweet cabaret in an easily digestible form. There's a tilt at dance routines of old - think Doris Day meets Folies Bergère - but with a modern overlay. It's fun and thoroughly entertaining, and a credit to emerging director/producer Josephine Searles. I look forward to seeing more of Searles' work in the future.

Bonbon plays at The Butterfly Club , 5 Carson Place, Melbourne for two more nights - Friday 5th July and Saturday 6th July.

Tickets are full - $40, concession - $37. Click here to buy tickets online, call The Butterfly Club on (03) 9663 8107, or buy tickets at the door (if not sold out).

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